12.2.09 yoikes!

Ok, so, WOW. Office life! Back to work! Holiday shopping! Office Party! Carol Sing!

Holy. Crap. Batman.

There's oodles going on. I'm tempted to go back on the tour, not because I like being away from my little family, but because I liked flying under the radar...I liked that only a handful of people knew where I was at any given time...I liked not having to walk the dog in the pouring rain.

I know. I'm a selfish, antisocial woman. A woman who doesn't deserve her loving dog, evidently.

Lest I paint too bleak a picture, though, there's still a steady influx of good tunes in my world. As I'm cranking through some first-rate chamber music demo cds and opera dvds, I've been gifted with oodles of new music from friends. Local songwriters, mix tapes, mainstream and fringe-y albums...I have a veritable blizzard of new tunes to fall in love with! I'm sure that I'm the only person in the world wishing for a slightly longer commute and/or more time at the gym to spend with my headphones tucked in my ears and a smile on my face. If you've gifted me with tunes recently, thank you! I'm looking forward to spending some quality time with them in the days to come.

(On a related note, even though I work in the business and see evidence of it daily, I'm still totally amazed at the power of a well-written song, a compelling performance. It's a testament to the power of the art form. That, or I have the memory of a guppy.)

Tomorrow is going to be a mixed bag of a day...I'm starting the day trying to maek gud sentences in front of a TV camera. If you missed my appearance this spring, you have a second chance to see how many pounds the camera adds to my already chubby cheeks on channel 8 tomorrow morning. Stakes are higher, as I'm actually speaking for my organization - briefly, but it still counts (On second thought, who decided that the girl who lapses into LOLCat speak when she's tired should speak for the organization on tv? Seriously!?! ...what, I agreed to it? Oh, lawdy. I must've been high.)- and it's a live, CNN-style interview. Gah. After that I'll be changing into my grubbies and jamming evergreen branches into big chicken-wire-wrapped wreath forms. And drinking hot chocolate. And then maybe after that I'll get some work done.

But it's not looking good.

Warp speed, Scotty. Life is moving quickly! In its honor, I will be forsaking the 6am gym workout tomorrow morning, and will in addition be going to bed early tonight and reading in bed for, well, as long as I can muster. I am slowing life down a little, so that I can enjoy it a little more.

My five:
  1. Doing something nice for someone. I gifted hubby with these. In a size 13. They're little plaid boats. But he loves 'em. (And, even better, he says I don't have to be seen with him when he's wearing them.)
  2. Homemade spaghetti sauce. I feel a little like an alchemist when it's going right.
  3. Early bedtimes. Necessary after an early morning.
  4. New music.
  5. Honest fatigue.


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