12.21 is a good day. There's a symmetry to it. It feels lucky. Likewise, if I happen to see a clock that reads 12:21, I hold my breath and make a wish...always have.

(I will not be trying to hold my breath for the entire day, though. If I succeeded, well, I'd be dead. )

Today is holding to that same lucky pattern...our office is closed, which means that my holiday break actually started at about 4:30pm on Friday. Sweeeeet! I'm hoping to get out of the house for a bit today, as well...the car has been dug out, and the gym and the mall are both calling my name. I have loved having a nature-made excuse for staying close to home, but I'm getting a wee bit stir crazy! Plus I should get some Christmas presents or I'll be in some serious hot water in a few days.

Speaking of luck, did you know that New Year's Eve is also the night of the last blue moon of 2009? I think that's pretty cool. Here are some other things I think are cool:

  • This guy's art. Anthropomorphism is a fancy word that explains in part my need to narrate everyday situations on behalf of my dog. I think that this little Hangover Fairy is brilliant, though, as are the peanut zombies and the shaving kiwi fruit. 
  • This lady's singing. I especially like that she embraces all the things that classical training tends to wipe clean, but still has such an impressive range and flexibility. She's cool.
  • This explanation (scroll down) of Perceived Desired Tempo. Brilliant. 
  • This article. I actually saw (and heard) the one that looks like giant intestines in NYC in 2005. I could've spent hours listening.
  • I agree with this.
  • I can feel my butt getting bigger just reading this recipe. But I still wish that it would just appear in my kitchen in its warm, nutty loveliness.
  • After seeing a snip of this band from the UK's V Fest I am really wanting a Scottish accent.
  • This is my new hat. It's warm and comfy. In fact, I'm wearing it as I write this from my couch.
  • This is my default in most situations, and like the author I wish otherwise. Maybe a 2010 resolution?
My five:
  1. Dogs in snow. 
  2. Kneesocks.
  3. Hanging with my favorite people.
  4. Making travel plans.
  5. Reflecting.


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