12.28.09 change of plan

So, I didn't really stick to plan today. I did get the basement all gussied up and organized and pretty, but to be honest I did that right after posting last night. I woke up this morning with the purest of intentions and a long list of plans.

Plans that were, happily, thwarted.

I had a big workout at the gym, and found out that they started carrying this brand of soap/shampoo/lotions in the locker room. Yes! (I'll happily pay that gajillion dollars for selected physical abuse if I get the lotion for freeeeee!) I left the gym, chatted with a colleague, and met a friend at Silver Diner. Now, normally I wouldn't head for an omelet right after a workout...because I have no self control and the double-helping of hash-browns would negate all my hard work. BUT we were heading to the Red Cross for 2pm donation appointments. All food - especially a spinach-mushroom omelet - is fair game.

(Have I mentioned that I tend to feel faint at the sight of blood? I haven't actually ever fainted, but the times I've been closest there's been blood in the vicinity.)

As prompt, thoughtful girls, we arrived early. We read the materials. "In the last year have you slept with a Libyan prostitute? Have you ever been a Libyan prostitute?" (Hey! Who called my mom? I'll never admit it! NEVAAAAH!) We waited for our numbers to be called. My friend's number was up first: she did this sci-fi blood swap thing where you get some of your blood back. (I guess it's cleaner than before they take it, as her hangover was totally gone by the time they were done.)

I was still waiting for them to call my number, and my girlfriend was eating cookies. In the words of Seinfeld, they knew how to take appointments, just not how to hold appointments.

Three hours after we walked in I got my cookies. Without fainting. And they were good cookies, too.

One of the bonuses to giving blood before year's end is that they'll make a donation on my behalf to  Susan G. Komen for the Cure. A friend just got confirmation of her own impending struggle, so the news was both timely and welcome.

And in addition to having a sense of well-being at having given something necessary to the community,  I've been jotting ideas of the written and musical varieties down for the last two hours! While I'm not ready to judge any of them I'm happy that they're in a form that I can revisit.

Hot damn.

(Do I really have to wait six weeks to donate again?)

In all seriousness, if you've not donated for a while, please consider making an appointment and paying it forward...start 2010 with some good karma in your bank!

My five:
  1. Health.
  2. Being in a position to help, and following through.
  3. Spending quality time with friends. (Even if most of it's in a waiting room.)
  4. Unexpected bursts of creativity.
  5. Blowing off plans for something better.


Anonymous said…
Hey! I was not hungover! However, the whole sci-fi blood swapping thing was supercool. I believe you and I both made a deposit into the karma bank today. And, Lord knows, we needed it!
rahree said…
Let the official record show that babspg was NOT in fact hung over, and that I was just taking a little dramatic license a la James Frey. Happy to have some good karma in the bank!

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