Ho ho ho! Holiday sing!

Once a year we enter the Filene Center in the freezing cold... we hang wreaths and arrange trees and fir boughs and wear Santa caps to keep our ears warm. We welcome the Marines (for me, one in particular: their conductor, a buddy from grad school!) and hundreds of local choristers, and sneak cookies and hot chocolate from the Vienna Women's Club. All the volunteers bring their best attitudes and singing voices, and the event is a true gateway to the holiday season - no commercialism, no obligation, just thousands of folks making music together.

It's one of my most cherished traditions.

This year, the snow made things extra-special. While the lawn was only host to a handful of the most die-hard patrons (and their sledding kids - GREAT IDEA, by the way!), the house was packed. And seeing the candlelight from the recessional reflected in the snow was just beautiful.

My five:

1. Laughing with colleagues backstage - one of my favorite things, no matter the season.

2. Gingerbread Spice Lattes. So. Good.

3. Singing out loud in front of people (not for people...it's an important distinction.)

4. Collaboration.

5. Joyous adults...sometimes it's OK to let your inner child out, even in public.


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