1.10.10 back on track

Firstly, can I just say how much cooler the date looks when followed by .10? Oh yes, I'm a fan.

So I'm not really a resolution kind of girl...I mean, I am, but I usually resolve to lose weight. Every year. And by mid-February I'm totally over it and am diving into a box of candy like the keys to the kingdom are at the bottom of said box.

Sadly, I've never found those darn keys. And I've seen the bottom of many a candy box.

So this year? No resolutions. None.

But that doesn't mean no plans, my friends. Rather than abstaining from something, however, I will be  adding things to my life. And you know how I love a good list, so here are my plans for 2010, list-o-rama form:

  • Finish the big writing project I started, and finish it well. (that's technically two things, but totally intertwined.)
  • Enter a 5k or 10k and actually run the race AND finish.  (Puking optional.)
  • Talk with more people....really talk, not just chit-chat. And listen better. Again, two items, but so closely related. Bonus points if the people are new to me.
  • Figure out what my friends and family need, and bend over backwards to give it to them.
  • Start a music project that's not work-related. 
  • Take more baths.
  • Add more whole, local eats to my diet and relegate candy to its proper position as a treat, rather than a food group.(Is it sad that this might be the most difficult thing on my list? The candy part, anyway.)
  • Explore more.
Feel free to call me out on any or all of these plans...in fact, please do so! Ask me about them. Remind me. Keep me honest, my friends.

In goal-related news, I'll be starting the next SocialWorkout challenge tomorrow. If you've not tried this before I highly recommend it. Sure, it looks like a community diet-and-exercise program at first glance. But rather than being restrictive, it encourages you to try new things, or to do without old crutches. And the workout component is easy, since you have to work out 20 times over the course of 33 days but you define what a "workout" is. Let me know if you're up for it, and I'll be your own personal cheerleader! Rah rah raaaah!

Ok, time to get moving. My five:
  1. Feeling hopeful.
  2. Sunshine.
  3. Good stories.
  4. Unstructured time.
  5. Raucous laughter.


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