1.1.10 first link-o-rama of the year!

Happy New Year! 

(wow, is the picture blurry or is it me?)

I hope that your head feels great, and your heart feels even better. (If neither hope is accurate, take 2 advil with a big slug of Gatorade and say to yourself "Rahree loves me!" five times while clicking your heels together. Hey, it can't hurt!)

There's something about the first day of the new year that makes me feel incredibly hopeful, in love with all of the possibilities that the year can bring. Realistically, I know some of the things that will happen will not be of the rainbow-pooping-unicorn caliber, but I'm telling that part of my brain to hush up for now, and basking in full-blown hope.

Some of these links are quite hopeful. Some are just silly. That's how I roll.
  • This is proof that I'm right. Or maybe I'm right because I read it. You'll never know.
  • This is almost a direct quote from my mother.
  • This is good, because I'm pretty dumb about, well, almost everything. And yet it hasn't stopped me from jumping in and trying something new.
  • These are pretty.
  • So is this. Although I think it's probably not office-apropos for yours truly. *sigh*
  • This might be my answer to resolutions.
  • These guys are my ear candy du jour.
In other, related news, posting may be a little light here at the start of the new year, as I'm trying to write something non-blog-related. I know! I bet you're asking yourself "What? With the habitual lack of content here, why would she choose to go elsewhere to spew her sweet nothingnesses?" Quite simply, I don't have a life list like so many of the bloggers I admire, but writing a book (not a good book, mind you. just a book.) is a dream I've had for a long time. And NaNoWriMo happens at the WORST possible time of year for me, so I've never participated.  January might not be the time to finish, but it feels like the time to start.

(And I could be wrong...this blog might be my best procrastination tool. I may be writing WAY MORE OFTEN than y'all would like.)

But now *drum roll*  here's my first Five of 2010! (Boy, I never get tired of this. I'm not sure what that says about me, but I find it too fun to really care.)
  1. January days that feel like springtime.
  2. Watching the gym newbies tackle their resolutions. Day one - HOO-AH!
  3. Silence.
  4. Almond-scented anything.
  5. Feeling content.


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