1.4.10 monday, monday...

Well, it's Monday.

The weather has been absolutely frigid the last few days (and I say that while totally owning the fact that I have grown soft since moving south of the Mason-Dixon line), and clean, toasty house + cuddly kitty + good movies and books + wine + not wanting to leave the couch - work  = happy Rahree.

(Ok, so happy Rahree does not necessarily equal interesting Rahree. Sorry for that.)

But it was all about back-to-work today. And despite the fact that even wool socks and long underwear couldn't really keep me warm in our frigid building, it was nice being back with the peeps, getting a jump-start on the oceans of stuff that needs to be done.

It's nice to have a purpose.

(It's probably nice to have a porpoise, too, but where in heaven's name would I keep it?)

I've been listening to this tune for months, but it popped onto my iPod this morning when I was getting ready for work, and again when I was sitting at my desk...so I'm sharing it with you. And with this video you can sing along! Who knew!

My Monday five:
  1. Thinsulate. Holy crap is it cold out!
  2. Beaujolais nouveau. Yum.
  3. The fact that the gym is flooded, and I can put off going for one more day. SCORE!
  4. Catching up with friends.
  5. Large, hand-warming cups of hot tea.


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