1.8.09 blah blah long week blah

Wow, five days at work in a row is hard!

(I can feel the daggers. I'm just KIDDING!)


I have so very little to tell you folks. A good friend is dealing with a health scare, and I'm trying to figure out how involved I can be without being pushy and annoying. And, since it's not my story, I'm loath to talk about it here. But we've been friends for (*gulp*) over twenty years, and it's weighing on me in a way that I'm not used to or comfortable with. So there's that. Plus I'm trying to experiment with some ideas for music and writing, and while nothing may come of either it feels really good to be creating instead of consuming.

So! More links! Because life is blissfully uneventful.

  • These are super cool.
  • I love this sentiment.
  • I may have shown you this already, but it bears repeating.
  • This is interesting, although I'm not sure that it beats a plain ol' shot of vodka.
My five:
  1. Warm feet.
  2. Good books.
  3. Newness.
  4. Chatting with neighbors.
  5. Listening to music so loudly that it feels like I'm singing, even when I'm not.
And a freebie! I just found out about this artist, as one friend sent me the video and another gave me an album, both within 48 hours of the other. They're on to something! (it's nice having friends with good taste!)


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