It's Grammy Day, y'all!

Seriously, I'm not sure that any ceremony is going to make this little trip any better. It's been just that good already.

Friday: Easy flight. Good conversation on the plane, and seventeen bajillion babies who didn't cry. (RIGHT???) A beautiful drive to Malibu, with the windows down. (In January.) Burritos the size of my head. Grocery shopping while dead on my feet. Reunion with the hubster after a week apart.

Saturday: Coffee and Milanos for breakfast. A jog around this lovely hilltop neighborhood, with lots of doggie love (seriously, everyone here has a dog. It's awesome.) to break up the heaving of my fat ass up the hills. Brunch with a great group of Trappers and our hosts, followed by a loooong walk on the beach at low tide. I held a sea slug (And squealed like a girl. You can't blame me - it's like holding a handful of living grape jelly.), saw starfish and crabs and scallops and walked barefoot in the ocean. Met up with one of hub's college buddies and his women for dinner, and carried the sweetest 2 year old around on my hip all night. Was regaled with stories from the Nominees Ceremony and the Lifetime Achievement Awards, and talked a little shop before bed.

Sunday - today: I'm the first one up. Coffee is made, the sky is turning pink. I'm still trying to decide between short silver dress and long purple dress. Thinking about going for a walk before anyone else gets up.

Also thinking about how lucky I am to be nice it's been to have been considered for this award, how great it's been to be included in the celebration. It's a special piece to me, especially since I started my affiliation with WT as an intern on the original production of this opera... I can still sing large swaths of it by heart, if not necessarily on pitch. It's our first opera recording, and here we are, on an international stage, because of it. That, my friends, is pretty freaking cool.

My five:
  1. Being able to attend this HUGE SPECTACLE. Once-in-a-lifetime.
  2. Generosity. 
  3. The ocean. I'm totally ready to liquidate and move west.
  4. Doing good work.
  5. A pat on the back, and a 'well done.'


Casey said…
So excited for all of you! Job well done indeed. We'll be watching & rooting for you with fingers crossed for the little fish in the ginormous pond.

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