Long shot

The Grammy dress saga continues. After trying on a million dresses (I counted.), I was at my wit's end. So I went to the only resource I could think of who would tell it to me straight:

The Fug Girls.

I've written before of how much I love them. But they're busy...it being awards season and all. It was a total long shot. I sent them this note:

Hi Fug Girls (and Intern George),
I have a problem. You see, my company made a little recording that's been nominated for a GRAMMY! An opera Grammy, to be exact. So my colleagues and I are leaving our Virginia environs for the glamour of Los Angeles. We're excited!

And terrified.

We're attending both the non-televised and televised ceremonies. There's no time for us to change (we're staying waaaaay out in Malibu. In a trailer park. Don't laugh.) in between ceremonies. The three ladies in the entourage (because, sadly, the guys just don't care enough to get worked up over this whole thing) range in age from 36-52. We look good, we work out...we're just not ingenues.

So, what the heck do we wear??? Do we wear shorter dresses due to the all-day nature of our Grammy-ing? Or can we wear long dresses all day? HOW DO WE DEAL WITH YOUR CRAZY FASHION RULES? We're from Virginia, near DC - we can all rock a suit, but this glitzy stuff makes us a little nuts. I mean, we're not going to be picked up on the red carpet, but none of us wants to end up on a "what the heck?!?" list!

Help us, Fug Girls. You're our only hope.


THEY WROTE BACK! OMG! Here's the reply!

Hi Rahree!

How exciting -- you guys are going to have an amazing time. My advice is, if you don't have time to/can't change, wear what you want to wear to the televised event. If you look overly fancy for the earlier event, I'm sure everyone there will just assume you're going to the later one (which is true!). The good news is that the Grammys are kind of funky, so if you would rather wear something short and sassy and cocktail-y, I think that would be totally okay. You DEFINITELY won't be on the What Were They Thinking list at all in a shorter dress, if that's what you'd rather wear. But my advice is, pick the thing you love the most regardless of length and just wear it all day. I'm sure that's what everyone else is doing!

I hope y'all win! And you're going to have a great time. (PS: I think I know the trailer park in Malibu of which you speak. It's essentially the nicest trailer park in the world, with a billion dollar view.)

WHEW. Can I tell you how relieved I am? One more stop on the Find-A-Dress-Or-Go-Mad tour...if there's nothing to be found this afternoon, I'm wearing my purple dress. With impunity.

My five:

  1. The Grammys! How exciting, right?!?!?
  2. Long walks with El Diablo...my day is better when I spend more time walking with him in the morning.
  3. New lipstick. A few bucks makes me feel like a million bucks.
  4. Long shots coming through!
  5. Adventure.
Update: The dress has been both found and purchased, and it was oh so ON SALE. And I bought shoes. Also on sale. And was home 60 minutes after work, my self-imposed timeline. (TRIPLE SCORE!!!) Thanks to @girlinva for her retail prowess...long or short, I'll feel good come Sunday!


    airstreamdiva said…
    ummmm.... pics of the dress, please. we need photographic evidence!!
    rahree said…
    on all counts, ASD, cool on all counts! there will be evidence, I promise (I'm hoping against hope to photobomb Lady Gaga...wish me luck!)

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