paranoia? maybe...

I keep up with WAY more blogs and online news/gossip resources than I probably should. But I read one (that wasn't Haiti related - that's a whole different ball of wax) that hit really close to home.

It's here. Scroll to the dog-centered q+a.

The breed and the aggressiveness are both very wrong. But it's written by someone in my town. And my dog does weigh over 3/4 of what I do...and sometimes, when he's been engaged by a person or another dog walking by and/or I'm wearing shoes that are, well, less than sensible...well, he wins the tug-of-war. And, if you're not a dog person, a willful black beastie with big teeth coming straight at you can be amazingly intimidating.

I get that. I totally do.

And I am sick with the thought that one of my neighbors thinks my black love bug is ferocious. (But if you're reading this and hoping to rob my house? He's a bloodthirsty beast with whom you do NOT WANT TO MESS.)

We've started the retraining process, and he's doing well. I am doing less well.

I'm heartsick. Because the problem is mine - he's a good dog, but only as good as I ask him to much as I'm willing to reinforce. But he's much, much too gentle for anyone to be afraid of...he'll lick babies' cheeks and let them pull his tail. The only thing that should be fearful of this guy is, well, your lunch. (Or breakfast or dinner...he's not picky.)

He's a Good. Dog. And that post makes me feel just horrible.


My five (wow, this is much harder today than it has any right to be):
  1. Sunshine.
  2. Running in shorts. In January.
  3. These songs. Oh, and these too.
  4. Comfort food.
  5. This quote by Bikram Choudhury...makes me want to try out his yoga thing. 
It's never too late, you're never too bad, never too old, never too sick to start from scratch and begin again.
 Dude is smart. And probably bendy. Two things I could use more of in my life.


Kim said…
He's not a Doberman, and he doesn't snarl!
rahree said…
true on both counts, but...

lacochran said…
He looks like a real sweetie!
rahree said…
thanks, lacochran! he is a TOTAL sweetie. Unless you're a tennis ball...then he's totally ferocious. :)
Anonymous said…
Most people know what a Doberman looks like, and it isn't Boo. So I don't think that person was writing about you.
rahree said…
thanks, anon...i really, *really* hope you're right.

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