weekend wrap up

Bullet points. Because it's late, and I'm a little under the weather, still. (But I'm DETERMINED to kick this bug before the weekend! Hence the inspirational photo...that'd be Malibu Cove after sunrise, dahlings...)

  • I make a mean mushroom risotto. It's so true. Organic, locally-grown fungi (funguses? ew....that sounds wrong-er.) and locally-sourced cream and butter, port and fresh herbs, and truffled cheese. That's right...because cheese and cream by themselves are only B-class...but my A game has truffles all over it. (did I mention there are NO LEFTOVERS? And I made a cubic ton. Food Network? You should call me. And not for that loser-i-don't-know-how-to-boil-water show.)
  • Yesterday I took a weightlifting class AND a kettlebell class. One right after the other. Today? I'm both fat and sore. That's not really the way I had envisioned it working out...
  • Hubby is out of town this week...which means I have to do double duty trying to get these couch cushions to loosen up! Boo and I have taken turns running across them several times daily, but I'm just not seeing the return I'd like...will be weighing my pockets with pebbles tomorrow. Bricks on Tuesday. Cinder blocks on Wednesday. Throwing myself around like an angsty teenager on Thursday. Ceding superiority to the C&B furniture makers on Friday.
  • Next weekend? GRAMMYS, baby! Hubby has promised that he'll talk into his cuff for the ceremony, so that the paparazzi wonder who that girl is...you know, the one from DC who brought a security detail...(think it'll work??)
  • Speaking Grammys...here's my dilemma: we're going to both ceremonies: ours at 1pm, and the big-time at 5. No time to change between. SO how long should my dress be? Do I deal with a long dress at the afternoon ceremony? (I have a great long dress already, AND I'm more comfy in long anyways.) Or do I wear a shorter dress and hope I don't look like a bowling pin at the evening ceremony? (Let's face it...yours truly is far from an ingenue and is built more like a little Polish pierogi maker than a rock star.) Vote early and often, because I'm shopping for a just-in-case dress on Tuesday. (Read: HELP!!!!!)
  • You can read about my latest gym exploit here. My gym is VERY nice. But, that being said, there's no amount of Kiehl's in the locker room that can make up for today's experience. Ew.
  • Back to the Grammy's: JW and his family are so, so AWESOME to us. (They allow us to take possession of one of the most comfortable, most beautiful places in the western world [Malibuuuuuuuu!], for days at a time.) They are generosity personified, and I'm so grateful they love my boss and extend the love to me by association. I may make them my super-special mushroom risotto for brunch, to express my gratitude. Or maybe I'll just grovel.
  • A nugget of wisdom from my friend Samuel. (He's pretty smart.)
  • If I had a life list, dinner here would be on it. I've set one of my Brooklyn buddies on the trail...hoping she reports back. Hoping more that I get to go along!
  • If we've met, I demand this of you. If we've not met IRL yet, I doubly demand it. (I know, I'm a bossy bitch. But you must admit, it could be worse...that circle on the left could read "garbage" or "soul-sucking job" or "bad implants" or "a world with no chocolate.")
  • I think Woody Allen said this too. But it bears repeating...it really is the hardest part most days.
  • I'm at the point where I have more new albums, more new books than I can get through in the sliver of time that I allot them. Usually I'm OK with not being "caught up," but I'd really, really like to read them, listen to them all thoughtfully. Is that a sign of growing up? That I want the time to scrutinize something in a leisurely fashion? because honestly, I didn't dedicate that kind of time in my studies...let's be honest.
  • This song popped up on the radio on my way into work the other day. I can't tell you how HAPPY it made it. Ridiculousness with a synth drum track = middle school perfection.
My five:
  1. Space.
  2. Missing.
  3. Kamikaze kitty.
  4. Stepping in puddles. On purpose.
  5. Impromptu puppy play parties


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