what did i get myself into?

Mondays aren't my kind of days.

In the summer, when we're working 6-7 (or 8-9, depending on the week) days in a row and everything's blending together? Well, sometimes a Monday feels more like a Thursday, and I'm fooled into being happy and upbeat and wondering loudly where happy hour will be. Those are the best kinds of Mondays.

But on a cold Monday in January, when my office is frigid and the answer to every question is "no" and every bone in my body wants to go back to bed? Then they're a steaming heap of no fun. But today I added into the mix this challenge...something to focus on, to give ol' Rahree a little bit of structure in this freezy month. I picked cutting out sugar and white flour from my diet as part of my personal list of challenges.

And I did it! No white flour or sugar all day. Plus some yoga in the morning, a nicely made bed, and a good workout. Yay!

And for the better part of the day? I wanted to cry. Nothing was wrong, hormones were not an issue, and I even got presents! But still, I just wanted to crawl into a ball and bawl.

Over nothing.

 I think giving up candy and bread might be more than this little Pollock can bear. I'll try to stick with it for the week, but if I still want to cry all the time by Friday? Well, on Friday I'll be in NYC, and will have some of the bestest candy and bread to choose from in the western world. You'll more than likely find me stuffing my piehole with bagels (yes, plural. bagelS), probably with a Nutella chaser. 

(Don't step too close...you could lose a hand.) 

So, on the "figure out what my friends and family need and bend over backwards to give it to them" goal? A big ol' FAIL. For today, anyway...tomorrow will be better. Here's to keeping "poor me" out of my house for the rest of the week.

And to make up for my general douchiness? This and this and this.

In keeping with ye olde tradition, the five things I'm most thankful for today:
  1. Distraction.
  2. Toys.
  3. Being pushed in positive ways.
  4. Chai tea lattes.
  5. Warmth.


Anonymous said…
I'm pretty sure the no sugar thing is only in certain states or zip codes. You might want to check into that. :)
Reya Mellicker said…
Chai tea lattes always help everything, if you ask me.

And hormones are ALWAYS responsible for every mood. I blame them constantly. Powerful little buggers!!

Also January SHOULD be a national month of rest and recouperation after the holidays. Don't you think? We're so damn productive the rest of the time. Sheesh.

Bravo on the sugar and white flour! I'm still off all wheat (started on January 1) and though I am a little grouchy, I'm doing it. Yay!!
rahree said…
@babspg i probably should, altho i think i'm going to keep it up for at least the week.

@reya wow, all wheat! you're officially my hero.

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