Well, I'm well on my way to gaining the Blizzard 15, even with all the cleaning, laundry and snow I've shoveled. I know I should post pictures, etc., but all motivation to move has leached from my body, and is being securely stored in my couch.

I'm sure of it.

So, as a way of bringing you down with me, I've made you BLIZZILLA (rawr! raaaaawr!), a wintery mix tape. You can grab it here this afternoon. If it's down before you get it, it's solely because I took it down before I went to bed, and I went to bed ashamedly early.

(C'mon, eating this much and sitting around is HARD WORK.)

Anyhoo, if you miss it just email me and I'll send you the link.

Disclaimer - there's a tune or two that don't quite fit the popsicle mold. The Guster tune kept me company one very long night, circumnagivating the Beltway from rehearsal in a horizontal snow. I put that sucker on repeat and sang until I got home - it's responsible for my safe arrival at La Maison Rahree. And the Freedy Johnson tune is fitting, if the title isn't quite. You'll not find a lot of new tunes, but there are some good'uns, I promise.

AND, if I'm stuck in the house tomorrow, I'll post another mix, in honor of Blizzilla's most formidable adversary, MegaSUNrus!

My five:
  1. Shelter. No, wait - heated shelter. No, wait! Heated shelter with running warm water and a bitchin' bathtub.
  2. Beauty through my window.
  3. Warm clothes. I may look like the Michelin Man's chubby black-clad cousin, but I'm totes OK with that.
  4. Naps. I may just be getting the hang of them.
  5. Generosity - three of the neighborhood kids just brought over orange cinnamon rolls - YUM! (Ok, Blizzard 16...)
Hoping you and yours are safe and warm.


Anonymous said…
Oooooohhhh, I love me a mix. Can I nominate Pete Yorn's "Crystal Village" as an addition?

My dog is sick of having me in the house. He keeps looking at me like "How is there going to be food in my bowl if you never go to work?!"

Get me out of herrrrreeeee!
rahree said…
great addition! and somehow only on my work iTunes...must. sync. libraries.

if you need to stretch your legs, c'mon over!

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