it's a link-tastic day!

I'm a collector.

Well, really, I'm a packrat. But collector sounds so much nicer, doesn't it? Like I only keep things that have value. Boy, I wish that was true...mostly I just hate to throw things away. Sure, once or twice a year the clutter gets to me and I'll purge ruthlessly; closets, fridge, cupboards, closets. But 90% of the time I just look for an empty spot in a drawer, or stuff the item in a closet, vowing to deal with it fully later.

(Almost. Never. Happens.)

But our house is small, and there's not a whole lot of room to expand. My hubby (from a military family, of course) has a rule, and it's a good one: one new thing in, one old thing out. Makes sense, right?

(Almost. Never. Happens.)

So I've been trying to move my packrat tendencies online. An example? Collecting songs in my iTunes collection. That's an actual collection that I can justify AND that gives me great pleasure to grow. It's fairly inexpensive to pick up a new song or two, and it's way more fun than trying on fifteen billion pairs of jeans that don't fit.

Another example? Google reader. It's like having a million magazine subscriptions! To things that I really like, without the viagra ads! Written by people who are quirky and knowledgeable and interesting and fun!

The downside? Sometimes there are so many great things in my feed reader, that I just have to share them. You need to know these different kinds of neat-o!

This is one of those days. Buckle yer seatbelt.

  • This. Vampire Weekend, RZA, Jake Gyllenhall and one of those Jonas kids? AWESOME.
  • This. My friends like the pig and the shoes. I like the hats and the penguin. What's your fav?
  • I'm a fan of Communicatrix, and may print this out and post it somewhere where I'll read it daily.
  • These pictures made my heart a little lighter, even though we're not done with winter weather. (PLEASE can we be done? puh-LEEEEEEZE???)
  • I love the way this guy favorite phrase in this entry is "earth-shattering, bodice-ripping science." No idea what it actually is, but sounds cool.
  • Doesn't everyone need one of these?
  • Don't know these guys, but like the two tracks featured here.
  • Definitely better than Cats. I'd read this again and again.
  • I could probably eat this whole thing by myself. Which is why I'm posting it and not ctually planning to bake it...
In work news, we're in pre-production for lots of operas, an opera workshop, the summer season. And we're also going to be invading yer interwebs with a cool new streaming project...more info to come! It's fairly quiet, and we're getting what feels like a lot of good work's pretty satisfying.

In personal news, my body is crying mutiny, especially after a super-confusing phone call from the doctor regarding some test results. Did he have the film backwards? Or do I have another issue? Do I push harder or ease off the exercise? Eat more or less? Frustrating. Good vibes sent my way would be appreciated!

Also in personal news, one of hub's grad school buddies moved to Chile last month. He's OK in the wake of the earthquake, but things are rough. Actually, maybe you should send good vibes his way, first.

My five:
  1. A work-less weekend.
  2. A good new book to read.
  3. Advil.
  4. Sharing tunes with friends.
  5. Dreaming.


Good vibes on their way to hubby's friend.

Thanks for the link right here, right now, to you.

And if you feel like emailing me a snail mail addy, I might have a little sumpin'-sumpin' to send to your actual self. I'm communicatrix at the gmail, baby!
rahree said…
the gratitude is mine - thanks for sharing the great poem!

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