oh, boy...

Ladies and gentlemen, it's the Snowpocalypse!

(We did this in December, but memories are short.)

Granted, folks are talking 30+ inches in the greater DC area - in fact my office was closed before 11am this morning. I'm more concerned about the electricity situation...if the power's on, I'm GOLDEN. Better than golden...golden shellacked in rainbows and M&Ms. If not, well, chances are I'll be hiking to your house to camp. With my pets. Please get my room ready. (I like a firm pillow. Thanks.)

It's drifted up to mid-calf level (9 inches? I'm not good at ballparking length.) in our backyard. The dog is in heaven. As am I...clean house, stocked fridge, books to read, crosswords to tackle, stuff to write, and neighbors with dogs a stone's throw away. Wearing El Diablo out should be a cinch tomorrow!

Updates to come, electricity willing!

My five:
  1. Breaking rules.
  2. The warm embrace of a friendly neighborhood.
  3. Snow. It's freakin' beautiful outside.
  4. Cats. I hope mine stays on my lap all weekend.
  5. Bad tv. Oh, Smallville, I still love you.


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