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It's Valentine's Day. And the start of the Chinese New Year - the year of the Tiger. President's Day is tomorrow. Mardi Gras is Tuesday. Lent starts Wednesday.


We're smack-dab in the midst of a whole slew of special days! It makes's a hard time of the year to get motivated. We're short on sunlight, warmth, fresh produce, and not coincidentally, goodwill. Holidays are almost necessary at this time of year - celebrating with people, rather than feeling grumpy towards people. However, in the spirit of full disclosure, I've been leaning on the latter more than I should.

Lent in particular tends to be a favorite (although not a favorite "rah rah!") time for me...while I'm not so much religious anymore, I appreciate the asceticism, the discipline, and the reflection it requires. Just a few more days of reveling in excess, before the belt is tightened, the butter is traded out and the chardonnay ceases to least for a while.

But I'm getting ahead of myself.

It's Valentine's Day, and I have to crow for a minute about finding the best card for hubby (at right). A card that says "Not only do I love you, BUT I've also decided to let you live."? Priceless!

I also switched the old man over from a pc laptop to a mac. Steep learning curve, sure, but he's going to thank me in a few days when he realizes how simple the interface is...

...I hope.

I took a yoga class yesterday for the first time in months. And the instructor talked about falling deeply in love with yourself, your individuality, your quirks and flaws and kick-ass-assets take care of yourself, to listen to your body and mind, and give yourself what you need. While this holiday is usually all about romantic love, I'm all about celebrating the self in addition to the pair.

Because love begets love, right?

My five:
  1. The Olympics. I'm overwhelmed by all the inspiration.
  2. Perfect cards. Hubby picked me a good'un.
  3. The corner seat of the sectional. (=my nest)
  4. A day where there's no quota on chocolate consumption.
  5. License to be mushy.
And if you're interested, here's what I've been listening to today.


    mvedwards said…
    I found the same card!!
    lacochran said…
    Wish I found cool cards like that. For some reason, the store cards I saw were all book length. Ugh. Not only does he get a card but he gets homework. *rolls eyes*

    I can give up Chardonnay easy peasy. Just don't touch the other varietals.
    rahree said…
    @mvedwards - love it! great minds.... :)

    @lacochran i found the card at Whole Foods - they have a great line that features quote - i have a few inspirational ones to keep me motivated, but i like to give the cheeky ones.
    (And i agree with the chardonnay statement too!)

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