grey & foggy

I'm in a bit of a fog. Time and intentions are both slipping through my fingers, and my fight-or-flight response is off the charts. It's the warm weather, coupled with having some of my favorite singers in the building, that's fast-tracked the reptilian part of my brain to summer. And that sad, slow reptilian part is screaming "NO HARD QUESTIONS! WHY ARE THERE SO MANY THINGS TO DO? WHERE IS MY POOL BOY AND MY ADULT BEVERAGE???"

(Feisty little lizard, eh? Would give that Geico dude a run for his money, for sure.)

Yep. A sunny, warm day and a rock to bask on. And maybe a black and blue mojito. That's what I'm craving. Sadly, I'm not getting it any time soon. The trick is to not act like a total you-know-what until that sunny, mojito-filled day arrives.

Wish me luck.

My five:
  1. This. Coming up for air is one of my favorites.
  2. Chocolate hazelnut gelato. Where has this BEEN ALL MY LIFE?
  3. Warm rainy days.
  4. Silk dresses with motorcycle boots.
  5. Talking smack with hubby.


Louisa said…
So the all-important question is this: what is a black and blue mojito? I have a feeling I'm going to like the answer.
rahree said…
oh, you will. here's the description:
Black & Blue Mojito
Bacardi Silver and Bacardi Razz muddled with lime, fresh mint, fresh blueberries and blackberries.

the trick is to put enough fruit & mint in it...then it technically qualifies as a fruit salad, ergo health food. :)
lacochran said…
Ooo, that sounds yummy! Order me one, too, will you?
rahree said…
will do! although it's difficult to stop at just one, I must warn you!

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