hibernation interrupted

So, usually this is the quiet time of year. There's time to get things done, advance the summer in a leisurely fashion, try some new things, maybe even take some time off.

But this year? Well, not so much. We've taken the season and stretched it out several more weeks to accommodate 3 shows in the Barns. And then we tacked two - TWO - operatic events to the front end: a concert performance of two one-act operas, and a workshop for a new opera we're developing. Oh, and did I mention that we're making our first foray into streaming video + artist chat with that one-act project? And guess whose bright idea that was? Gah. Add into that intern interviews, contract writing, budgeting, writing copy, planning for 2011, orchestra memos, scheduling...it makes my head spin. Hence the 5:15am wake-up time.

All by way of saying Wow. It got busy up in here! The fact that it's already messing with my sleep patterns is not a great thing, but c'est la vie, c'est la guerre. It's OK. The sun's not out yet - sky is inky black, but the birds are awake and chirping their good mornings. It's only been a few days since they've been back in force, and I've missed them. There's something luxurious about being awake when no one else is...like snow before footprints: untouched, unsullied.

And I have to say there are lots of great things going on. There's an amazing amount of new music swirling through my office, including this from the Communicatrix. (Thanks again!) I've been doing pretty well with my vow to exercise daily during Lent: almost 3 weeks in, and I've only missed one day. (And I've already doubled-up to make up for it. So I'm square.) And the weather has improved everyone's mood - it's been warmer and sunny (although that's going to change for a few days, but it's OK.), the snow is almost completely melted, and folks are stopping to chat on the street.

My neighbors brought over half a homemade key lime pie last night. Dessert walked unbidden TO MY DOOR. It was like surprise take-out, like FREE surprise take-out! That, my friends, is a goooood night!

So it's busy, but not punishing - actually, it's feeling energizing. And we'll have singers in the building in about a week, which makes me super happy.

Here are some things that made me smile:
  • This. Easy and cheap and oh so tasty.
  • This. A little inspiration for your morning.
  • I am the absolute worst at this little game. But if it were played like this? I'd RAWK. Prithee, I wouldst.
  • I would eat this whole thing by myself.
  • This? More food-related brilliance. (Boy, I'm kinda hungry...)
  • Hm. Maybe I live in the wrong part of the country?
  • The truth. In so many ways.
And here's a video that I think everyone should see. Boy, it makes me miss my teaching days! It's super awesome.

My five:
  1. Early mornings.
  2. Coffee.
  3. Being useful/helpful.
  4. Good surprises.
  5. Consistency.


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