Milestones. Or millstones. Same thing?

Today I completed this. 1,000 push ups. 1,000 sit-ups. Squats, dips, pull-ups (well, kinda), outdoor exercise, classes, unprocessed food.

Did it.

As of Easter Sunday...I'll have exercised every day since Ash Wednesday. Every. Day. I'll finally be able to  return, if I choose, to having my nightly nightcap and working seriously on the dent in my couch.

(I think there might be a Cadbury egg (or five) in my future!)

And, in other milestone news, it's been four years since I left my teaching job, since I started working in this crazy opera business, since I started writing this little blog.

This is post 771.

Like everyone else, I'm an instant gratification kinda girl...but it's cool to see that big number (OVER SEVEN HUNDRED POSTS? That's MAD, I tell you! MAD!), and to know that I did it all myself. And all it really took was time. (Because Lord knows that content isn't so much mandatory in my writing.)

Thanks for sticking around!

And, as a kind of present, I give you LINKS!
  • If you're not so much a planning kind of person, like yours truly, but you like a little bit of financial stability, won't you try this? I am.
  • Boy, I wish I had thought of this idea. This is one of my favorites.
  • Who else needs one of these? I might just be able to wear white this summer! (I know, i know...but it's fun to dream!)
  • WANT.
  • Also WANT.
  • I'm thinking of buying this, and if I like it giving copies to our Instant Opera! folks.
  • Subversive, disappearing graffiti. I could have SO MUCH FUN with this stuff!
  • This is just awesome. Read the whole thing.
And this is the first song that popped up on my iTunes this morning. AC, our Admin Intern from last summer turned me on to this album, and this tune is one of my favs.

My five:
  1. Sunshine.
  2. Having something to show for it.
  3. Spring flowers. They're everywhere - it's AWESOME.
  4. Reaching goals.
  5. Calm before the storm.


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