Pow POW!

My buddy JF, when he's feeling good, will karate kick the air and yell "Pow!" The very thought of him Pow!-ing makes me smile. So conjuring his karate stance, I give you BULLETS! Pow POW! Dangerous! Karateeeeeh-CHOP!

  • The sun has been out for two days in a row, and everything is in bloom! And while everyone keeps asking me if I'm under the weather (I'm not, by the way...I like to think of this as my adult entertainment voice...), I'll take some allergy action over grey and muddy ANY DAY.
  • Work has EXPLODED. Six weeks before it's supposed to. Hold on to your hats, Nellie...it's gonna be a bumpy ride!
  • In case I haven't mentioned how much I like the folks I work with lately, well, consider it mentioned. They're super.
  • When you drink barium, do the whites of your eyes glow funny? Fingertips? I'm hoping that this test tomorrow will provide me with more entertainment than, well, booting. And I hope I get to see the scans! ("Hey - my pancreas looks like a tiny frisbee! Or maybe Florida! And I bet my kidneys are cuter than the average kidneys." Vocal pedagogy class obviously didn't cover lower abdominal physiology...) 
  • After living this close to work for almost 2 years, I finally did it. Left the car in the parking lot and jogged home. Pretty run, lovely weather... it was still my own heaving self actually having to do the jogging, but other than outsourcing it to someone svelter and faster, it was still a mighty fine option. 
  • Singers arrive tomorrow. I can't wait to see them, but part of me is saying "IT CAN'T BE SUMMER YET!" Talk me down, please.
  • If you're in DC, you should see this. My super awesome college buddy MN is in it. 'Twill RAWK.
  • My mail today had all catalogs and magazines, and no bills. Might be a record!
  • These are beautiful. And I WANT.
  • Also? These. And this.
That's all I got.
My five:
  1. Sunshine.
  2. Laughter.
  3. Magazines.
  4. Baths.
  5. Being busy.


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