Thank goodness it's Friday, indeed!

Life is busier than it should be, and my self-imposed technology rationing has meant less time here...and if I'm not spewing it out of my brain at the very moment I think of it, well, the thoughts just kinda evaporate.

Hence the fact that there's nothing really to this little post. Laaaaaaame.
But here's a little laundry list of randomness:
  • a few of us started a little mix-tape sharing project, and I am LOVING it. Musically I've been in the dryer (going around and around the same stuff) for a while. Nice to get some new tunes into rotation.
  • making a quick trip to Brooklyn for some girl time tomorrow. Can't WAIT.
  • I wore a sundress to work yesterday. Granted, I wore it with kneesocks and a sweater and boots, but it was still a sundress. Winter's OVER.
  • There's a lot of bad news hanging around, mostly in health-related's bringing me down a little. OK, a lot.
  • This is supposed to be my not-so-busy-time at work. Somebody did not get the memo. Sheesh!
  • Project Runway? Still seriously awesome. Even though I cannot stay awake through the judging.
  • Am reading The Monster of Florence and The Happiness Project. Sadly, I'm making way more headway with il mostro. What does that say about me?
  • Still working out every day in Lent. More than two weeks in and I haven't died. I've decided that on the days I can't get one in, I have to double up to make sure I get the whole number in. A little more flexibility will make sure that it gets done!
Yup. Like I said, not too much to say. It's not the time to get into work stuff yet, but I will in the next few weeks.I did stumble across two videos that appealed to because it's just non-sequential enough:

Charlotte Gainsbourg - Heaven Can Wait from Charlotte Gainsbourg on Vimeo.

And one because it's like the most awesome game of Mousetrap the world has ever seen.

So I leave you with these until I can rub two brain cells together and make some coherent, meaningful thought.

My five:
  1. Grey skies. When they're not precipitating on me, they're lovely.
  2. Slow mornings.
  3. Health. So appreciative.
  4. Bloggers who write more than once a blue moon AND write interesting things.
  5. Weekends.


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