Boy, where did that weekend go?

It's been a bit of a whirlwind these last few days...a whirlwind of the best sort! While work last week was amazingly frustrating, there were some definite highlights.

Thursday night, Church Street Cellars: This is a local wine bar with a big ol' wine-pouring machine. They have dozens of bottles "on tap" as it were, and they give you a plastic card when you sit down...a plastic card that you plug into the machine, pick which wine and how much (1 ounce taste, half-glass, or full glass. Although that "full glass" is pretty light by Rahree standards. Or I might just be a lush.) you'd like. It was like a Wine ATM system - pretty cool, right? (Although one of the girls said "This is dangerous...I'd feel safer with a debit system...")JW was in town from Prague on a 12-hour stopover, so a few of the usual suspects met up to say hi and hear about her European adventure. Plus we scored an outdoor table (hence the terrible quality of the iPhone photo), which was just lovely. A perfect night!

Friday? Well, it was all about early to bed, sadly. And that was actually a good thing...maybe it's the unseasonably warm weather, but there's a lot of pressure at work.  It feels like summer, but we're not at summer readiness level...and that's a little crazy-making.  I just needed a day to crawl into bed while it was still light out (ok, not really. but close.) and zonk.

Saturday was another fabulously GORGEOUS day. We have two neighbors, J & R, who have 2 female labs that we refer to as "Boo's Girlfriends." They're great - dogs and humans alike, and the bipeds came over in the evening for a little bit of chit-chat, and some grilled goodness. It was the official porch opening ceremony, my friends! I'm still awed at how lucky I am to have this house, these neighbors. It's a good life.

And Sunday? Easter Sunday! Wine and sloth! I don't have to work out every day, I don't have to limit my wine-consumption...I'm freeeeeee! (Full disclosure: I did take a class at the gym Sunday morning. And I did have 2 whole glasses of wine on Easter Sunday. Guess I'm still pretty boring.) We spent the afternoon in Phoenix, Maryland with kids and cousins and second cousins, good conversation, tasty food, and 3 labs...a 10 year old, our 2 year old, and a tiny, feisty puppy named Lucy.

If this week holds half the fun of last week, I'm all set! (But I'm hoping for 2 times the fun...greedy, I know. But if you don't ask, you don't get, right?)

I'm a lucky, lucky girl.
My five:
  1. Laughter.
  2. Sore muscles.
  3. Thoughtful friends.
  4. Great neighbors.
  5. Wonderful family.


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