an embarassment of riches.

Today I:
  • Was given two super fancy-schmancy sippy for hot drinks, and one for cold. And the cups are totally doodle-able! Drinking +art=BIG WIN. Lemme break out those colored Sharpies! (Btw? KPW rules!)
  • Got a fancy-pants new work computer, with a monitor SO BIG that it honestly casts a shadow on the wall behind me. It's AWESOME. You should be jealous.
  • Got some work done. (Go figure!)
  • Was forgiven by El Diablo for some middle-of-the-night ear cleaning and medicating. (That dog knows how to hold a grudge...much like his mama.)
  • Chatted with several people who I like very much. Many of whom I work with. It's a win-win!
  • Successfully navigated Foggy Bottom. It's not a given, for sure.
  • Had a fabulous evening reconnecting with one of my oldest (as in years-we've-known-each-other. We're still both 27.)and dearest friends. And she's in town for almost two weeks! SCORE!
  • Actually shed a tear at how many things went right, at how much goodness was parked in my lap today.
It was a fabulous day.  An unremarkable day in many ways, but sitting at the end of it I'm in awe of how full of goodness it was.

Are all days this good, and I just don't notice it? Or was today as special as it seemed to be?

I don't know.

But whoa, am I grateful.

And I hope that, if you're reading this, you get a day like this sometime soon.

My five:
  1. Friends who knew me before I was coupled, and like me just the same.
  2. Getting out of my comfort zone.
  3. Trading trade secrets.
  4. Fava beans.
  5. Pergolesi.
and one more:
6. maybe sometime learning how to take flattering pictures of myself with an iPhone. So far? Elusive.


Carol said…
Friends are the best. Hope to see you Friday night!

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