Got 'er done

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My first 5k in years. Sure, I was passed by more 8 year olds than I'd like to admit, but even with a little walking break (holy CRAP it was a hilly route! For me, anyway.) I still finished in 32 minutes.

And I totally smoked an old man AND an 8 year old on the final push. Eat my dust!!!

(don't judge.)

My five: (2 sets today! Whee!)
1. Health.
2. Kids. I miss teaching.
3. Accomplishing something early in the day... Means I can slack the rest if the day, right?
4. Running on cool days.
5. Feeling confident about next week's 5k.


airstreamdiva said…
whooo hooo! congratulations!! Your determination and tenacity are an inspiration!

I recently went skiing for the first time since HIGH SCHOOL, and as I was heaving on the ground from lack of oxygen (high altitude of course... I'm sure it had nothing to do with my atrophied musculature), a small child WITH A PACIFIER IN HIS MOUTH scooted deftly by. Nothing like a strong dose of humiliation to get you back on your feet! ha!
lacochran said…
Most impressive! Congrats!
rahree said…
thanks, ladies!

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