a morning in which my best efforts are frustratingly thwarted


I'm heading to work late this morning (because these guys are performing, and somehow I ended up in charge. Mwahahahaaaaaa!) I had a great plan: get up, coffee, walk the dog, head to the gym, work out, get a massage (treat! yay!), stop by the house to let the dog out and then head into work at a leisurely pace.

Not. Happening.

The spa cancelled my massage last night. Grrr. That's ok, I thought...I'll still head to the gym for a class. I could run, but I'm hoping to do that over the weekend. No sense in killing my knees when I don't have to, right? So I roll into the gym, maybe a little undercaffeinated, but ready to get my sweat on. I hop into a class that I've not taken before - start the day with something new, right? Good plan!

Except that the instructor was perky. Ueber perky. Smiley and blonde and big-boobed and perky. And she had her mic turned up SO HIGH that she was getting feedback. Constantly. Now, I LOVE me some loud music - the louder the better, really. But feedback? It's definitely included in Dante's Inferno.

Now, I'm no quitter. It takes an awful lot for me to walk away from the things to which I commit. This morning I didn't bring my iPod into the gym, specifically because I was taking a class, not taking the easy way out and hitting the elliptical. So there was NO WAY that I was going to leave that class early.

But it was horrible.

The class was hard, and hit all of those parts of my routine that I fight with: hard on knees and ankles, especially. (I'll push myself and fight for a difficult rep, but everyone knows when it burns the good way as opposed to hurting the bad way. Today was a bad way day.) But worse? The lady kept YELLING (mostly due to her horrible mic) "It's not Monday, it's FRIDAY. PICK IT UP." as she smiled like a maniac. Now, I'll give her credit because she did almost everything along with us, and very seldom got winded - impressive. But by the end I was so frustrated that I just wanted to scream. My body was happy for the exercise, but the aural beating was too, too much to bear.

(I need a hug.)

So I'm trying desperately to reset. Music on softly in the background. Big breakfast (fried rice with sweet potatoes. Don't judge.) eaten, and maybe a little bit shared with El Diablo. Big cup of coffee next to me, with a cinnamon stick as a stirrer. Looking out the window at the sunshine on the neon green leaves and pink azaleas. I'm thinking a long shower and another walk with Boo might put things right.

Here's the mix I'm listening to this morning, to try to get myself into a happy place. It'll only be up for today; if you're looking for it after I've taken it down, email me.

My five:
  1. Breakfast. Boy, I love breakfast.
  2. Sunshine.
  3. Soothing tunes.
  4. Impending vacations (Did I mention? Going away for a few days. Aaaahhhh....)
  5. The luxury of bitching about little things because the large things are going well.


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Psst! I've nominated you for an award!
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