Saturday miscellany

It's a rainy Saturday...and while we have opera tickets this evening (two operas in one week? is it summer yet? Weird.), I'm taking a little time out to kick back and veg.

Boo is, too. :)

I took a yoga class on a whim this morning. Most times I do yoga, it's in the privacy of my own home, with Sarah Ivanhoe or Rodney Yee on the dvd player. But I wanted an easy morning - because tomorrow is ANOTHER 5k - and I was getting bored on the elliptical. 'Deep release' yoga - sounds relaxing, right?


(Side note: yoga in a ball cap is almost always problematic. Doing yoga with extreme bedhead is also problematic. It was a no-win situation. People were afraid of me.)

So after a 75-minute class (! Are classes allowed to be longer than an hour??? I protest.) I'm feeling like an overstretched rubber band. I'm guessing that, between tonight's opera and the lactic acid buildup from class that I'll be shuffling through tomorrow's race like a 60-year old.

An arthritic 60-year old.

An arthritic, asthmatic 60 year old.

You get the picture.

Afterwards, I had a little bit of time, so I stole over to the office and commandeered the Lecture Hall. In a few (read: two) weeks, there will be loads of singers more rehearsed and talented than yours truly using every designated facility (and bathroom!) to warm up and practice. So it felt like heaven to sit at the piano and play and sing through pop songs, just like I used to when I was a kid. I lost almost two hours, have almost nothing to show for it except that nice tired feeling from singing, and a few rough tracks. If you're one of the folks who are always asking me when I'm singing again (hi, mom!), sadly the answer is I'm not. BUT you can listen here for a tune from this afternoon's play session. I'm thinking of putting together a bunch of lullabies and love songs for friends and family...this one might make the cut.

Wish me luck for tomorrow, my friends! I'll post the playlist after the race.

My five:
  1. Playing.
  2. Being pushed physically...boy, there were SO MANY things I couldn't do in class today!
  3. Fuzzy slippers.
  4. Scrapple bread from Great Harvest. It's like CRACK.
  5. Naps.


Unknown said…
you have an amazing voice!
rahree said…
thanks, lady!

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