saturday morning

There's a reason that the song goes "easy like Sunday morning," and not "easy like Saturday morning." Because this morning was fun, but not easy. I went for a run, and pushed myself a little too hard on the pace...ended up bonking a little bit by the end. It was a great morning for it,, overcast, and lots of blooms to enjoy on trees and in gardens. Spring is beautiful!

As I ran (heaved? crawled? pick one.) into the driveway,  Hubby was getting ready to take the dog on a hike, so I tagged along. We hiked along a creek, let the dog play in the water, and had a generally lovely time.

Now it's almost 10am...breakfast, another cup of coffee, Sherlock Holmes on the tube. (I love RDJr. I can't deny it.) But the best news? Today's my last workout. I've exercised every day in Lent except for two, and I doubled up on the following days so I'm square.

Hot. Damn.

It feels good to meet a self-inflicted (maybe not the right term, but it fits!) goal. It feels great to know that I can take tomorrow off, too. But I think that I'm on a roll, and that I'm going to ride it until I can't or don't want to. I'm sure that work and life will get in the way at some point, but for the time being it's making me feel great.

On today's docket? More coffee. Shoe-shopping. Switching out the wool slacks for linen skirts. And maybe, just maybe, a nap. Aaaahhhh...

My five:
  1. Crepe myrtles in bloom.
  2. Reaching a goal.
  3. Low-key weekends.
  4. Movies.
  5. Spring days.


Unknown said…
Sherlock was good and it looks like maybe a sequel? I was more into it then the monkeys were.
rahree said…
we can only hope for a sequel! dang i love these grounded-in-good-writing action movies!

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