We're back from a lovely few days at the Uncles' house in Rehoboth. It's a scant 3 hour drive from doorstep to doorstep, but the beach house is miles and miles away from the pace and to-do lists of our daily life. We set out early (a little too early, in some folk's humble opinion) on Saturday morning, after a late worknight for yours truly. The sun was bright and cheery, the breeze brisk, and we wound our way downtown to pick up Uncle L from his Dupont condo. We chatted and caught up as we drove through the chicken farms of Delaware.

Once we arrived, we had a long list of things to accomplish. Beers over lunch? Check. Naps? Check. Taking Boo to the beach? Check. Outlet shopping? Check. Soaking up the rays on the porch? Check.

We got a lot of loafing done in just a few days.

While we were there, I read two books that I really enjoyed. This one I guess you could liken to Eat, Pray, Love, or Julie & Julia except that, well, I liked it more. I will harbor my dream of attending culinary school a wee bit longer....

The other book is very much in keeping with the way the Uncles' live. They have few things - just enough. Their house is small, but well-planned and super functional. They have lovely things, but don't collect - or hoard - like I tend to. Every time I spend time with them, I want to severely edit my surroundings: get rid of things that I don't looooooove. Something sadly tells me that I don't have quite enough time during this little pause to do so. By the time I do have time? Chances are it won't feel so important.

As my dad used to say? C'est la vie, c'est la guerre.

Tomorrow I'm back on the road, pup in tow, for Mom's house.

My five:
  1. Gracious hospitality.
  2. Dim sum breakfast. Yum!
  3. Sand.
  4. Sun.
  5. Finally learning how to nap.


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