cool thing roundup

I should be in nyc, hanging with a bestie, but instead I'm sadly settled in on my couch, pricing flights to Vegas. So, since there's little brainpower...random thoughts and LINKS! Wheeeee!
  • Sunny porches and sleepy menfolk? These are the things of which paradise is made.
  • The water heater's dead. But I have a gym membership, a day off of work and warm weather...it makes boiling water to wash dishes much easier to bear!
  • I'd be skinnier if chocolate and wine weren't so dang tasty.
  • I like this article about risk-taking. (Not that I do much of it, but still...)
  • My whole neighborhood is out of town for the holiday, as is much of the DC area. Walk down the middle of the street with my dog? Don't mind if I do!
  • Love this artist's work... 
  • ... and this quote. (I'm not sure why I love it, but I do.)
  • I love Judy Dench. One of my favorite parts of the Bond movies. 
  • Please. Only sing in thirds and fourths. I'm giving up tritones for Lent. Er...something like that....
  • Me. All day today. I'm like Pavlov's dog...charcoal = drool.
  • A friend's roomie is part of this shop. I love almost everything there.
And my five:
  1. Silver nailpolish.
  2. Lazy days.
  3. Clean house.
  4. Good books.
  5. Nesting.
And as a bonus for reading this long with no provided content? The next video from Beck's INXS project. Love this almost as much as the original.


Record Club: INXS "Never Tear Us Apart" from Beck Hansen on Vimeo.


I've dipped into a tv show called FlashForward several times this winter...the premise is that the WHOLE WORLD experiences a simultaneous lapse of consciousness, in which each person sees a moment from their future. (Granted, with the losing consciousness at the wheel of a car or a plane or walking along the train tracks or through an intersection, there are probably many folks who didn't ever get to see that flash forward. And let's be totally honest: having Joseph Fiennes in the cast doesn't hurt. But let's put both those things aside for the moment.) I think it's a totally interesting premise. Watching the characters struggle with relationships that don't yet exist, that might exist, that exist but will be fundamentally and irrevocably changed? Trying to decide whether I'd want to see where I was, say, three months from now? (and forgoing the mostly-correct assumption that I'll either be on my couch or at work, since it's summertime?)


It's the kind of thought process that I try to trick myself into before I go to sleep, to court fantastic, weird dreams. Play around with a mental "what if," imagine where I could be. Granted, a large part of the luxury of this little game is that I'm happy where I am. When life isn't good, these little games are just exhausting noise. But, when things are good, it's fun to play make-believe.

And the thought that the possibilities really are endless? Intoxicating.

As a kid, we moved every 3 or 4 years. It was rough, believe me, but it was fun in the fact that I got a personality housecleaning...I could start over, carte blanche, and try to be different...to be better. Less bookish. More serious. More outgoing. Less anxious. Whatever. And sometimes, I miss that.

Although for the next time? I wouldn't mind a hint about what's ahead. I think...

Ok, turning the tube off and spending some quality time with my bathtub.  My five?
  1. a new haircut. feeling like a new woman!
  2. loud nailpolish, especially on toes.
  3. thunderstorms.
  4. dreams. of any variety. although i'm less fond of bad ones...
  5. lavender.

 Note: the tv series has been cancelled, I think. Sad.


My morning started with a meeting with my compadres on the other side of the toll road. While we all work very hard to make the WT experience a special, exciting thing for artists and patrons, we (the private sector) vs. them (the federal government) have very different processes and expectations. That being said, it was interesting and fun to brainstorm about the things that, in a perfect world, we could do to enhance the Park experience.

I'm a big fan of make-believe, any way I can get it. :)

I haven't seen many of those folks since last summer, so it was nice to catch up. But I skated out early to meet our last Admin staffer (CM!) and to try to make a dent in the to-do list that is about to level Tokyo. The stress eating has continued, even though the video project has ended. So, after doing some serious damage to my candy bucket, I skipped out of work and headed to the gym - Tabata class at 5:45.

By 6:02, I seriously thought I was going to hurl. Note to self: eating candy and then working out as hard as you can? Not a great idea.

The class premise is simple (If I've written about here before, I apologize...I'm too sore to scroll back through my archives...): you can do ANYTHING For 20 seconds. So the instructor picks 6-8 "easy" exercises, like push-ups. You do as many as you can for 20 seconds, and then catch your breath for 10 seconds. You do eight sets, trying to go faster, do more reps, make your jumps bigger, your lunges deeper. For the first set I'm always feeling awesome - heck, I'm barely sweating! The second set is pretty easy too. But, by the eighth set, when the instructor is yelling to go faster, bigger? All of a sudden it's like Sisyphus rolling that damn rock up the hill.

It's HARD.

The instructor tried to keep it light: "Remember, there's no fun without F. U.!"

Indeed. *barf*

So I'm spending some quality time on the couch, making sure it doesn't float away. I'm alternating between a new episode of Top Chef Masters and Tony Hsieh (of Zappo's fame)'s new book. Which, btw, is released on June 7, but I have an extra copy - let me know if you're looking for a fast, entertaining read about a charismatic entrepreneur! One of my besties from undergrad has worked for Zappo's for years, and they've done well by her...it's fun to get some info on the guy driving that truck!

And I am most definitely planning an early bedtime. 

My five:
  1. The rumor that M&Ms are going to unveil a pretzel M&M. Lord help me.
  2. Hoochie shoes.
  3. Steamy days.
  4. Top Chef DC!
  5. Quiet time.


it's a wrap. until next time.

Today involved:
  • a much-too-early wake up (and an irritatingly persistent cat).
  • too much LOST finale on the brain.
  • a run that was both short and a struggle.
  • a new candy dish that looks suspiciously like a sand pail (but is full of candy! which is better than sand!).
  • some technological difficulties.
  • a bloody dog and a vet visit. (everything's OK now!)
  • a missed meeting (see above) with my NSO and Park colleagues.
  • mental hand-wringing and butterflies.
  • a delicious chimichanga, courtesy of SuperIntern!
  • a successful broadcast of two fab pieces, with some of my very favorite singers and pianists performing. Oh my friends, it's such a pleasure to listen and watch some of my favorite singers creating some hysTERical, beautiful moments. (Any opera with the lines "I am a ho" or "I like sex." are winners with me.)
  • a glass of wine.

This project has been both a boon and a bit terrifying... it was nice to have the Foundation buy into my idea enough to put it forward for funding, buy the equipment and software and to support the final product. The vote of confidence felt great! However, it really felt like it was my responsibility from start to finish...or, in audition speak, "Don't suck, Rahree. Don't. Suck."

But it worked out OK. And it feels good, now that we're on the other end. :)

So, even though I still have SO much to learn about the program and the skill set, we have a success under our belt. It's only going to get easier to manipulate these clips and channels to create an online body of work. And it's going to do good things for us.

(Best of all? My sweet, patient colleagues don't have to listen to me whine about video editing for at least a few weeks. I know they're relieved.)

So, all in all? A good, good day.

My five:
  1. A good night's sleep.
  2. New skills.
  3. Lame TV.
  4. A healthy household.
  5. Virtual laughter.


Finish Line! Well, of a sort...

Tomorrow (Monday) at 7:30pm you should tune in here to see two of the funniest one-act operas in existence.

(And I apologize for my big fat awkward head gabbing at you until then.)

It's been a big project, and I'm still pretty terrified that something will go wrong and it'll all go kaput because I've biffed the technology somehow. But I'm hoping that it'll be smooth sailing.

*Fingers crossed.*

The best part is that these performers, these pieces, are deserving of more attention. The stories are funny, and occasionally totally heartbreaking. The singing and music making are glorious. And, if this thing works, it'll be nice to be able to help that along a little bit by making it more accessible.

So, 7:30pm EDT Monday May 24th. Chat with the singers as you listen and laugh. Watch opera in yer jammies - what could be more fun?

Won't you join us?

My five:
  1. The wonders of technology.
  2. The opportunity to learn something cool and new.
  3. Blueberry popcicles.
  4. Lost. Finale in less than an hour!
  5. Finishing a project.


Lucky Girl

Last night I had the opportunity to see one of my generation's most prolific, popular artists give an intimate performance for about 2,000 people. Just 2 people onstage, Dave Matthews and guitarist Tim Reynolds (who, by the way, said NOT A WORD all evening. Is he related to Teller?), playing a gig to benefit a cause...in this case, the Jane Goodall Foundation.

Now, I'm lucky to have a job where I'm surrounded by good music and generous artists...I see it every day. But it's amazing to me to see the scope of influence that this guy has. Most people at the concert would've jumped off a bridge had DM asked them to. It's true that, with great talent comes great responsibility. And it was quite nice to be at such a special evening.

(And he's a funny guy, too....nice, easy rapport with the audience, and long meandering jokes that wound up being funnier than I thought they'd be. I guess 20 years on the road will teach you to hone your show, eh?)

And, in other lucky news, I spent the morning at the Phillips Collection in DC, browsing artwork to select images for our Vocal Colors recital series at work. Walking through the galleries with Artee and three curators, taking in the amazing works, peering and squinting, pointing at several and saying "Yes, I'd like that one, too."

The looks we got from the other patrons? Confusion and maybe even a healthy dose of jealousy. I could TOTALLY start every day mock-shopping for masterpieces. It put a lovely, lovely spin on the day!

We missed the shop picnic, but I got some final video editing done for Monday's big event. Left work at a reasonable time (9.5 hour days are easy-peasy!) and am now happily parked on the couch with my boys.

Life, my friends, is so very good. I hope it is for you, too.

My five:
  1. Beautiful art. Nice to dip into another discipline for a few hours.
  2. Agenda-less evenings.
  3. Warm weather.
  4. Pinot grigio.
  5. Stretching. All senses of the word.

And, as a bonus? This video that a friend shared. I kinda LOVE it...especially the clothes and the upbeat nature of the tune. Fun stuff!


Back in the swing of things

Finally! Life is feeling normal!

And by normal, I mean totally batsh!t crazy. There are a million details to take care of....seriously.

Perhaps my largest mistake of the summer is my practice of checking my email while the coffee brews. I'm seldom on my computer when rehearsal ends (I'm either in bed or in the rehearsal. No middle ground.), I like to read the rehearsal reports in the morning, to see what I missed. But sometimes there's other email in my inbox from overnight. Problems, issues, misunderstandings...all things best dealt with when Rahree's fully caffeinated. Because when I read them and am not sufficiently coffee'd? TOTAL PANIC. Omigodomigodomigod I need to respond RIGHT NOW.(Which honestly? Is not a really great idea. Especially since I'm not really able to make whole sentences until cup of coffee #2...)

But can I leave the iPhone in its dock until after that first cup of coffee? Apparently, no, I cannot. But at least I know what's in store after I shower and grow back some brain cells...

In other news: (wow, I play pretty fast and loose with the word "news," don't I?) I had the Admin folks over for dinner the other night and made a vat of white chili and Judyritas. I'll give a thumbs up to the chili (as they finished it for lunch the next day, I'm taking it as a vote of approval!), but the Judyritas were a little tame...and the blender scared the beejeezus out of my poor dog. I'll do better next time! We had a nice visit from a Pittsburgh baritone yesterday (it's always nice to see a hometown buddy!), and I helped set up my neighbor's email account and had some HUGE doggie playtime. Today is a busy day at work, followed by the hubster's homecoming and this concert. (Shamefully, I've never been in DAR...excited to see both the hall AND the show!)

Lots going on...and I best get moving!
My five:
  1. Sunshine. I've missed you!
  2. Interesting work.
  3. Coffeecoffeecoffeecoffeecoffeecoffeecoffeecoffeecoffeecoffeecoffeecoffeecoffeecoffeecoffee
  4. New tunes.
  5. Loved old tunes.



(If you read this for deets on my super-cool job? You should totally skip today.  I'll have fun things to write about tomorrow. Promise. Cross my heart.)

So, Little Miss Stressball got herself a big ol' life lesson tonight. Because one of her good friends, DaisyGirl, joined this club.

The entrance dues are catastrophic. And all of my bitching and whining about my little work project being too hard, too quick, too much for my feeble brain?

Total B.S. Seriously, what the hell, Rahree???

(insert cosmic slap-upside-the-head here.)

It was my first time in a synagogue - which, after years of church musicianship, I find totally crazy - and it was an Orthodox congregation, where women and men sit separately. Everything was in Hebrew, with the exception of a short homily by the rabbi, and most everything was sung. It was a beautiful space and a lovely service. As it was my first time in a non-western(? non-Catholic/Protestant?), I felt pretty awkward at first, but a lovely lady noticed and invited me to sit with her and her extended family. How nice!

But I don't know if they even really knew DaisyGirl and her family. Because they talked - not whispered, talked, throughout the service. And ok, so they didn't know Hebrew, or they knew it and had heard the Kaddish a million times or didn't like being segregated from their spouses and were uncomfortable...whatever. I was mortified. The two things you don't do in church? Talking and rubbernecking. No. Exceptions.

It's hard to see a friend go through something that life-changing when it's not happy. Marriages, babies...there's a reason we celebrate those things. They are happy moments when you look around and think "Nothing will ever be the same." And, there's usually a good long lead-up to most of them...time to get ready. But when that thought occurs in the middle of a difficult situation, you almost never get enough prep time. Oh... I just want to wrap DaisyGirl up and let her know that things will be OK.

In a way. I'd be lying with a capital L. Not in every way, granted...but in all the important ones.

Blargh. Most days I'm happy to be an adult. But days like these? A little less so.

If you're a member of the club? I hope ours have met and are having an eternal adult beverage and telling tales about that fish that got away, the car that they were TOTALLY going to buy, and how smart their kids are...and you know that they're hanging out around the grill, now that it's summer.

And if you're not? Call yours. Because those life-changing moments happen much too quickly.

My five:
  1. Doing the right thing.
  2. Friends who act on good impulses.
  3. Reassurances.
  4. Weddings. Boy, I'm ready to watch some friends get hitched! Give me toasters and crappy djs and taffeta and Corinthians. (Those of you who are dating? I'm looking at you...)
  5. Small gestures of caring. Because really, those are the ones you remember.
In memory of Kenneth Z., and in loving tribute to his family. 


teaching an old dog a new trick.

It's not that I can't learn. I like learning! It's just, well, not as easy as it was when I was a kid.

No, I'll rephrase. The stakes are higher, somehow, than when I was a kid. Thaaaaaat's it.

Yesterday we had a FAB workshop presentation of The Inspector, John and Mark's new opera that we'll be premiering in April 2011 (mark yer calendars!). It was funny, witty, clever, and turned on a dime...all the things that those two Boy Wonders do so very well. Seriously, I'm in love with it the same way I fell for Volpone all those years ago. Y'all should make some serious plans to be in Virginny next spring...I'm just sayin'.

But, I'll be honest. At 2am, as the soundtrack while my head was surfing over some formidable anxiety? I was entertained with how much of it stuck in my head for, oh, thirty minutes worth. And then I just wanted to go back to sleep. But the aforementioned anxiety was having none of it.


This project on the 24th (Which you should totally join me for! You can do it in yer jammies, fer crissakes!) is sucking so much of my focus and energy. Now, don't get me wrong...the computer is awesome, the program is beyond cool, the possibilities are pretty endless.

And there's the rub.

Because there are so many options. So much to learn. So many, many cool things to try, to suss out, and so very little time. I could noodle around with this program for months and probably not figure everything out. But I'm learning so much...about the terminology, the medium, the quirks. It's exciting! And maddening. Because hey! My little project goes live in a week. And, if I had more time to dedicate, more time to play, I bet I could kick some serious ass.

It's true...I feel like I have something fairly large (maybe not in terms of imprints or viewers, but on a personal level) to prove...that I can acquire this skill set, that the large computer purchase was justified, that I can produce something professional and beautiful. There's an artistic appeal to the work - having something to show for what we do in this savagely temporal medium. And I'm confident enough in my abilities to know that it's something that I can do, and do well...But I'm already frustrated with a glitch in the recording and the subsequent audio file...it will sadly be less than perfect, and it rankles.

(See? I CAN be a detail-oriented, faux-OCD person! But, as always, it's in an area in which it's not terribly helpful.)

(Oh, and did I mention that rehearsals for the season start tomorrow? There are a million other things I should be doing.)

But anxiety dreams are SO last season's fashion. So at 7am this morning I brushed my teeth, prayed that none of my coworkers were going to be in the building, and rolled over to the office.

(In my jammies.) (Don't judge.)

And spent hours with these videos...HOURS. For some reason, rendering video clips into quicktime movies takes a long time...like 5 minutes of saving for every one minute of footage. Probably because I'm trying to shrink a file that's, say, thirty-two GIGAbytes into something in the megabyte range.

It takes a loooong time.

By mid-afternoon, I couldn't stand it. A panicky text to the Boss Lady (who, let it be said, was out of the country when I got this hare-brained idea and shouldn't be dragged into my mess, but graciously was.) was answered by a thoughtful call and some real progress made.

Lessons learned?
  • Don't stew. Talk about it.
  • Patience is difficult to cultivate. I bet there's a larger lesson here... (you think?)
  • Sometimes you gotta get up early to get stuff done. Your gut tells you when those days arrive.
  • And, likewise, sometimes you just have to walk away for a while.
Ok, y'all sat with me through that rant. For you? Linky goodness!

  • Another AWESOME doodle. Way to call it, Hugh.
  • Good songs! But only available in France for the time being! Boo!
  • I have friends who need the German version of this.
  • A double shot of Hugh, in honor of my past life.
  • I want one of these. And to be able to find my kitchen scale. (Because I don't know how to convert grams to teaspoons, and don't really want to learn.)
And my five:
  1. Pink pesto. Yum.
  2. Great colleagues.
  3. Fan-damn-tastic weather.
  4. New sneakers.
  5. That light at the tunnel's end. (Granted, there's another tunnel coming soon, but we'll take it tunnel by tunnel.) :)


the right side of the wrong side of the bed.


I knew it was going to be a busy day today, so I drove the the gym for an invigorating workout before heading into the office: made it there by 7:30am! Problem: the gym opens at 8:00am on Saturdays.

Workout fail.

Spent several hours working on video, the avocation that is eating my job alive. And, for hours, couldn't find the project that I spent 3 days completing.  Disappeared. Poof. Gone.

Video fail.

But then, magically? Somewhere in the run of this new opera we're workshopping, sometime after the fabulous Shoe aria, but before the Rumbling Stomach aria, my luck turned.

Video found. Funny, funny operatic lines (it's not an oxymoron, I PROMISE!)  giggled and snorted at. (I'm too dumb to fix the preposition - sorry.) Checks remembered (at the last minute) and disbursed. Office vacated during daylight hours. Hubby and neighbors and three labradors waiting for me with smiles, adult beverages and good conversation at the ready. Pretty hanging baskets and a tidy kitchen awaiting me at home.

And, while I'm not really psyched about spending more time at the office tomorrow, it'll be worth it to have usable video before Monday rolls around. Wish me luck, my friends!
My five:

  1. Sweet hubby.
  2. Good neighbors.
  3. Interesting, fun work.
  4. Patient colleagues.
  5. Perseverance.


starting line

Rehearsals have started. Singers and pianists are in the building, and music is being made.  Three of the four Admin folks have arrived, and are good-naturedly taking things off my to-do list. YAY! Because there are only 2.5 of us in the office in the off-season, there are several items that linger - nay, languish - on our to-do lists because, well, no one really wants to do them and we're just hoping that  one of the other folks will pony up.

(It almost never happens.)

Can I tell you what an amazing luxury it is to have smart, clever colleagues? Wait - I'll rephrase - smart, clever, silly, trustworthy colleagues? Because they make life both easier AND more fun.

(And that second part? My most favorite part of the summer.)

We're still in this crazy exploration phase at work...thinking of ways to complete an incomplete opera...ways to let the public know how cool this show is, what a lovely evening of theater it will be, even though we don't know much about it, other than the story line and music that have existed for hundreds of years. We're also trying to tell folks about the great group of singers that are arriving...and  about the fabulous professional and artistic staffs (staves?) who'll spend time shaping the look and sound of our performances. There's lots of creative thoughts winging around the office...and some of them even have something to do with work!

The only problem? Well, it sure doesn't feel like summer...49 degrees and rainy outside today. And, while I love being able to wear my kick-ass boots, I'd really rather not be wearing wool.

Seriously, I'm excited to get all of our peeps here, to get to know the new folks, to catch up with the known folks. I'm ready.

My five:
  1. Peonies. I'm so grateful for the previous owner of my house, who planted and nutured them, and for the amazing flower-making weather...my azaleas are blooming like crazy, too!
  2. Boots and sundresses. My new favorite combination.
  3. Caring colleagues. 
  4. Interesting work.
  5. Pasta with pink pesto. YUM.


monday link-o-rama!

Today's the first day of rehearsals for a workshop that we've tagged on to the start of the season. (We're doing another opera with the guys who wrote this for us. If it ain't broke don't fix it, right?) And, since all h-e-double-backwards-hockey-sticks will likely be breaking loose at some point, I have some tasty linkage to tide you over. Check this stuff out:

  • This. Good tune.
  • This place. If it's still up, that Egyptian one is off the hook.
  • This looks like the perfect summer quaff.
  • The Elbow cover? Brilliant. Although I would probably think that of him reading the phone book...
  • After I win the lottery you'll be able to find me here. I hope.
  • I might sub this in for my morning coffee. 
  • Maggie's got the right idea. Let's start this week, shall we?
  • This is very cool.
  • So is this.
  • And this, too.
  • Hey, we're not just easy on the ears, my friends.
  • Way to say something true in a fun way. 
  • She's new to me, but I'm digging her.
Ok, lovelies. Have a great Monday!

My five:
  1. The first-day-of-school feeling of the start of summer.
  2. Sweet, sweet coffee.
  3. Peonies - mine are blooming like GANGBUSTERS! (Despite my black thumb)
  4. Getting into a rhythm.
  5. Oversleeping.


Yeah, she's pretty cool.

Things I remember:
  • Finding the most beautiful pair of silver high heels in her closet, and trying to walk downstairs in them.
  • The way she could turn the piano into a fort with just a blanket.
  • Harmonizing with her in church everytime they played "Amazing Grace." Sometimes we added a Southern drawl, just for fun.
  • The jell-o cake with the flowery sprinkles that she made for my birthday.
  • I couldn't swear or watch adult TV, but she let me read anything I wanted to. And, because of that, I read everything I could.
  • (She also paid my library fines.)
  • My Christmas and birthday cheesecakes. Hers are still the best.
  • That maroon suit - cropped double-breasted jacket and hammer pants with crossover pockets that I HAD to have, and that she bought knowing I'd wear twice.
  • Correcting the multiple-choice sections of her tests.
  • How having a fancy milk glass made boring chicken leftovers special,  somehow.
  • Having her help with my awesome Halloween costumes, even when the last one was ridiculing one of her colleagues (I went as the school guidance counselor...they only way you'd really know is that I DOUSED myself in Red Door before leaving...just as the adult did. Cheeky kid.)
  • Going to Florida and breaking her heart, both unintentionally.
  • Even when I was baiting her, she never, EVER called me heavy or told me to diet. 
  • Listening to Tex Ritter in her classroom...on the wrong RPM...and dying of embarrassment.
  • Decorating a lampshade with three faces, all created from various tubes and sticks from her makeup drawer, and being celebrated for my creativity. (!)
My mom's given me many, many things over the years: self-confidence, a yen to be creative, a voracious appetite for books, and propensity to choose chocolate or wine over cleaning the house are just a few. She also has showed me what grace looks like, how to be angry while still loving, and how to comport myself in hard situations. And memories...she's given a plethora of good ones, for sure.

Mom, if you're reading this? Let's keep making those good memories. I love you.

My five:
  1. Fancy glassware. These are the latest ones mom's sent down. They're lovely, aren't they?
  2. These books. They're practically required reading in our house.
  3. And this one. I was lucky to be in her class when she taught it.
  4. Oh, Tex. Where have you been?
  5. Mom.


    Big sigh.

    I walked into my office today, and a bottle of this was on my desk. And I thought "Well, either it's going to be an unreasonably good day, or I'm going to totally need a pull of that when five o'clock rolls around."

    Sitting here, at the other end of 5? Both thoughts were kinda true.

    The good: I'm about a third of the way through this biiiiiig project that I'm working on. Ok, maybe only a quarter. I didn't even get to my work email today, as I buried myself in a video editing program and tried like crazy to make some progress.

    And I did! I did make progress! Big progress!

    The bad: The power went out after I had done 90 minutes worth of work. Oh, and did I mention that I'm only a fraction of the way into the project? More titles, plus audio editing and, oh, yeah, proofing and editing. It's a big job.

    The ugly: Our whack-a-mole season starts, for all intents and purposes, on Monday.


    Which means that, for my own sanity, I shouldn't spend all weekend in the office. But that's exactly what I feel like I should do. Because the office would be quiet, and I could crank it out. And because I'll need to have my moles lined up to whack in mere days.

    But I'm so not ready to work 6 days weeks yet...that day's coming, and sooner than I'd like.

    So, do I go in to work this weekend? Or do I try to schedule time into my week to work on this project? What would you do?

    I will, while I ponder, have a glass of my office present. It's the right thing to do.

    My five:
    1. FRIDAY. Lawdy.
    2. This stuff. By the spoonful. Heaven.
    3. Supportive colleagues.
    4. Flip flop weather.
    5. The arrival of summer.



    Aaahhh...weekend. Getting a lot done, but getting some welcome time to recharge. Or pre-charge, as I like to call it.  When I'm not up to my ears in opera or home improvement tv, I like to surf teh interwebs. And I like to post cryptic links to things, in the wild hope that you'll click through and find something that you think is interesting.

    Today? Is one of those days.

    • This. Did you know? I'm not sure that I want my inane 140-character thoughts preserved for all time. Granted, I would've assumed that they'd be kept somewhere for a certain amount of time...but FOR ALL POSTERITY??? That's just too much gravity for "has officially had TOO MUCH CAFFEINE. Gaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!" Am I right?
    • Our favorite shiny-sneakered pianist has found a way to make me desire an iPad EVEN MORE THAN I DID BEFORE. Damn you, Lang Lang. (By the way? This piece almost made it on to my senior college recital. I do a mean lip trill.)
    • This made my inner feminist laugh. (If you have a 'Y' chromosome, feel free to skip this.)
    • The line between health food and comfort food is oh so slim (says the girl who ate half a wheel of brie for dinner. But I went to the gym first! That makes it OK! Right?), but this looks like it might have the best of both worlds.
    • I love these guys. New album out soon...and, from the first single, it's worth the $.
    • And, in the so-sexy-i-might-die category, this 80's remake. HOT. (The video? not so much. Unless you're in love with St. Vincent.)
    • I know butter's not a health food. But this makes me take it so much more seriously.
    • Want some goooood singing in your life? Check this out. There's a fee, but it's SO worth it. I hear there's a pretty fabulous bass-baritone in the mix...
    • One of my favorite memories of my Nana is going to her apartment and eating butter mints (hmmm...a theme?) and caramel pudding. Caramel pudding that she made but putting a can of milk in a pot of boiling water. There was no Jell-O packet to be seen...it was MAGIC! (My mother considers me certifiably crazy for still craving caramel pudding, but that's a story for another post.) This is a recipe that I will definitely hang on to for the first cold snap of fall!
    • This song reminds me vaguely of my Nana's pudding, with the bonus of being country enough for my Papa to enjoy. He never really got it, though...
    • I bought two pairs of these bad boys for the summer...lightweight, flattering, and COMFY. Huzzah!
    • I love this guy's site, drawings, whole philosophy. This is one of the doodles that I've printed out and hung in my office. This is another. I heart him. And I have to admit, I wish I had the insight and persistence to steal his job. :)
    • I was talking to my mom on the phone, and heard a bird chirping in the background. My mom knew what kind of bird it was. I didn't. I just ponied up a ridiculous amount of $ for this...because I want to know who's singing in my trees! (for the record, it was a cardinal.)
    • And, finally, this. Because it's oh so true.
    And my five:
    1. Having room to (temporarily) stretch out on the bed.
    2. Puppy kisses. I love that big lug.
    3. Brie. Wait - brie that I don't have to share. (It tastes better, I swear.)
    4. Time to recharge, to be alone, to be silent.
    5. Creative work.


    saturday bullets

    • No 5k to run this weekend. Whew! Although I ran 4 miles on Thursday with a colleague, so I'm counting it. I've been subscribing to Runner's World for months, and I'm finally starting to get the whole running addiction. (I'm not there yet, for sure, but I get it.) So, while I'll most likely do some cross-training at the gym today, I'd rather be hoofing it around the neighborhood.

    • I got a spanky new computer with some fierce new software for work, and am planning to spend some quality time with it this weekend. I know, it's the weekend, yada yada yada...but this project is super cool, and I need some playtime when I don't feel like I should be attending to a million other things. Because the first seasonal employee? Starts on Monday. MONDAY. We're officially off to the races!

    • The big reason I have time to spend at the office this weekend? Hubby and a friend signed up for this. They're heading out this afternoon to get settled and to get a good night's sleep, as check in is tomorrow at 6:15am.   (I think he's crazy.)
    I'm having a hard time getting motivated to do anything this morning. Time to step away from the computer and make a little progress towards, well, anything.

    My five:
    1. Sunshine.
    2. Flip flops.
    3. Learning something new.
    4. Quiet time.
    5. Home improvement TV shows.