Back in the swing of things

Finally! Life is feeling normal!

And by normal, I mean totally batsh!t crazy. There are a million details to take care of....seriously.

Perhaps my largest mistake of the summer is my practice of checking my email while the coffee brews. I'm seldom on my computer when rehearsal ends (I'm either in bed or in the rehearsal. No middle ground.), I like to read the rehearsal reports in the morning, to see what I missed. But sometimes there's other email in my inbox from overnight. Problems, issues, misunderstandings...all things best dealt with when Rahree's fully caffeinated. Because when I read them and am not sufficiently coffee'd? TOTAL PANIC. Omigodomigodomigod I need to respond RIGHT NOW.(Which honestly? Is not a really great idea. Especially since I'm not really able to make whole sentences until cup of coffee #2...)

But can I leave the iPhone in its dock until after that first cup of coffee? Apparently, no, I cannot. But at least I know what's in store after I shower and grow back some brain cells...

In other news: (wow, I play pretty fast and loose with the word "news," don't I?) I had the Admin folks over for dinner the other night and made a vat of white chili and Judyritas. I'll give a thumbs up to the chili (as they finished it for lunch the next day, I'm taking it as a vote of approval!), but the Judyritas were a little tame...and the blender scared the beejeezus out of my poor dog. I'll do better next time! We had a nice visit from a Pittsburgh baritone yesterday (it's always nice to see a hometown buddy!), and I helped set up my neighbor's email account and had some HUGE doggie playtime. Today is a busy day at work, followed by the hubster's homecoming and this concert. (Shamefully, I've never been in DAR...excited to see both the hall AND the show!)

Lots going on...and I best get moving!
My five:
  1. Sunshine. I've missed you!
  2. Interesting work.
  3. Coffeecoffeecoffeecoffeecoffeecoffeecoffeecoffeecoffeecoffeecoffeecoffeecoffeecoffeecoffee
  4. New tunes.
  5. Loved old tunes.


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