Big sigh.

I walked into my office today, and a bottle of this was on my desk. And I thought "Well, either it's going to be an unreasonably good day, or I'm going to totally need a pull of that when five o'clock rolls around."

Sitting here, at the other end of 5? Both thoughts were kinda true.

The good: I'm about a third of the way through this biiiiiig project that I'm working on. Ok, maybe only a quarter. I didn't even get to my work email today, as I buried myself in a video editing program and tried like crazy to make some progress.

And I did! I did make progress! Big progress!

The bad: The power went out after I had done 90 minutes worth of work. Oh, and did I mention that I'm only a fraction of the way into the project? More titles, plus audio editing and, oh, yeah, proofing and editing. It's a big job.

The ugly: Our whack-a-mole season starts, for all intents and purposes, on Monday.


Which means that, for my own sanity, I shouldn't spend all weekend in the office. But that's exactly what I feel like I should do. Because the office would be quiet, and I could crank it out. And because I'll need to have my moles lined up to whack in mere days.

But I'm so not ready to work 6 days weeks yet...that day's coming, and sooner than I'd like.

So, do I go in to work this weekend? Or do I try to schedule time into my week to work on this project? What would you do?

I will, while I ponder, have a glass of my office present. It's the right thing to do.

My five:
  1. FRIDAY. Lawdy.
  2. This stuff. By the spoonful. Heaven.
  3. Supportive colleagues.
  4. Flip flop weather.
  5. The arrival of summer.


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