cool thing roundup

I should be in nyc, hanging with a bestie, but instead I'm sadly settled in on my couch, pricing flights to Vegas. So, since there's little brainpower...random thoughts and LINKS! Wheeeee!
  • Sunny porches and sleepy menfolk? These are the things of which paradise is made.
  • The water heater's dead. But I have a gym membership, a day off of work and warm makes boiling water to wash dishes much easier to bear!
  • I'd be skinnier if chocolate and wine weren't so dang tasty.
  • I like this article about risk-taking. (Not that I do much of it, but still...)
  • My whole neighborhood is out of town for the holiday, as is much of the DC area. Walk down the middle of the street with my dog? Don't mind if I do!
  • Love this artist's work... 
  • ... and this quote. (I'm not sure why I love it, but I do.)
  • I love Judy Dench. One of my favorite parts of the Bond movies. 
  • Please. Only sing in thirds and fourths. I'm giving up tritones for Lent. Er...something like that....
  • Me. All day today. I'm like Pavlov's dog...charcoal = drool.
  • A friend's roomie is part of this shop. I love almost everything there.
And my five:
  1. Silver nailpolish.
  2. Lazy days.
  3. Clean house.
  4. Good books.
  5. Nesting.
And as a bonus for reading this long with no provided content? The next video from Beck's INXS project. Love this almost as much as the original.


Record Club: INXS "Never Tear Us Apart" from Beck Hansen on Vimeo.


dkz said…
Rahree dear - what is your man's last name? OMG I must know more about the Mt. Pleasant connection! Did he ever have a forebear who worked the Hecla mine? xo KK

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