Finish Line! Well, of a sort...

Tomorrow (Monday) at 7:30pm you should tune in here to see two of the funniest one-act operas in existence.

(And I apologize for my big fat awkward head gabbing at you until then.)

It's been a big project, and I'm still pretty terrified that something will go wrong and it'll all go kaput because I've biffed the technology somehow. But I'm hoping that it'll be smooth sailing.

*Fingers crossed.*

The best part is that these performers, these pieces, are deserving of more attention. The stories are funny, and occasionally totally heartbreaking. The singing and music making are glorious. And, if this thing works, it'll be nice to be able to help that along a little bit by making it more accessible.

So, 7:30pm EDT Monday May 24th. Chat with the singers as you listen and laugh. Watch opera in yer jammies - what could be more fun?

Won't you join us?

My five:
  1. The wonders of technology.
  2. The opportunity to learn something cool and new.
  3. Blueberry popcicles.
  4. Lost. Finale in less than an hour!
  5. Finishing a project.


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