it's a wrap. until next time.

Today involved:
  • a much-too-early wake up (and an irritatingly persistent cat).
  • too much LOST finale on the brain.
  • a run that was both short and a struggle.
  • a new candy dish that looks suspiciously like a sand pail (but is full of candy! which is better than sand!).
  • some technological difficulties.
  • a bloody dog and a vet visit. (everything's OK now!)
  • a missed meeting (see above) with my NSO and Park colleagues.
  • mental hand-wringing and butterflies.
  • a delicious chimichanga, courtesy of SuperIntern!
  • a successful broadcast of two fab pieces, with some of my very favorite singers and pianists performing. Oh my friends, it's such a pleasure to listen and watch some of my favorite singers creating some hysTERical, beautiful moments. (Any opera with the lines "I am a ho" or "I like sex." are winners with me.)
  • a glass of wine.

This project has been both a boon and a bit terrifying... it was nice to have the Foundation buy into my idea enough to put it forward for funding, buy the equipment and software and to support the final product. The vote of confidence felt great! However, it really felt like it was my responsibility from start to finish...or, in audition speak, "Don't suck, Rahree. Don't. Suck."

But it worked out OK. And it feels good, now that we're on the other end. :)

So, even though I still have SO much to learn about the program and the skill set, we have a success under our belt. It's only going to get easier to manipulate these clips and channels to create an online body of work. And it's going to do good things for us.

(Best of all? My sweet, patient colleagues don't have to listen to me whine about video editing for at least a few weeks. I know they're relieved.)

So, all in all? A good, good day.

My five:
  1. A good night's sleep.
  2. New skills.
  3. Lame TV.
  4. A healthy household.
  5. Virtual laughter.


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