I've dipped into a tv show called FlashForward several times this winter...the premise is that the WHOLE WORLD experiences a simultaneous lapse of consciousness, in which each person sees a moment from their future. (Granted, with the losing consciousness at the wheel of a car or a plane or walking along the train tracks or through an intersection, there are probably many folks who didn't ever get to see that flash forward. And let's be totally honest: having Joseph Fiennes in the cast doesn't hurt. But let's put both those things aside for the moment.) I think it's a totally interesting premise. Watching the characters struggle with relationships that don't yet exist, that might exist, that exist but will be fundamentally and irrevocably changed? Trying to decide whether I'd want to see where I was, say, three months from now? (and forgoing the mostly-correct assumption that I'll either be on my couch or at work, since it's summertime?)


It's the kind of thought process that I try to trick myself into before I go to sleep, to court fantastic, weird dreams. Play around with a mental "what if," imagine where I could be. Granted, a large part of the luxury of this little game is that I'm happy where I am. When life isn't good, these little games are just exhausting noise. But, when things are good, it's fun to play make-believe.

And the thought that the possibilities really are endless? Intoxicating.

As a kid, we moved every 3 or 4 years. It was rough, believe me, but it was fun in the fact that I got a personality housecleaning...I could start over, carte blanche, and try to be different...to be better. Less bookish. More serious. More outgoing. Less anxious. Whatever. And sometimes, I miss that.

Although for the next time? I wouldn't mind a hint about what's ahead. I think...

Ok, turning the tube off and spending some quality time with my bathtub.  My five?
  1. a new haircut. feeling like a new woman!
  2. loud nailpolish, especially on toes.
  3. thunderstorms.
  4. dreams. of any variety. although i'm less fond of bad ones...
  5. lavender.

 Note: the tv series has been cancelled, I think. Sad.


vkwheels said…
Hey! a friend of mine was just on Flash Forward! Of course, I didn't see it so I can't tell you who he was... when do you have time to watch TV??
rahree said…
evening tv time ends this week (sad, but the dvr makes it nicer)...it definitely feels like a luxury! hope you're well, lady!

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