Lucky Girl

Last night I had the opportunity to see one of my generation's most prolific, popular artists give an intimate performance for about 2,000 people. Just 2 people onstage, Dave Matthews and guitarist Tim Reynolds (who, by the way, said NOT A WORD all evening. Is he related to Teller?), playing a gig to benefit a this case, the Jane Goodall Foundation.

Now, I'm lucky to have a job where I'm surrounded by good music and generous artists...I see it every day. But it's amazing to me to see the scope of influence that this guy has. Most people at the concert would've jumped off a bridge had DM asked them to. It's true that, with great talent comes great responsibility. And it was quite nice to be at such a special evening.

(And he's a funny guy, too....nice, easy rapport with the audience, and long meandering jokes that wound up being funnier than I thought they'd be. I guess 20 years on the road will teach you to hone your show, eh?)

And, in other lucky news, I spent the morning at the Phillips Collection in DC, browsing artwork to select images for our Vocal Colors recital series at work. Walking through the galleries with Artee and three curators, taking in the amazing works, peering and squinting, pointing at several and saying "Yes, I'd like that one, too."

The looks we got from the other patrons? Confusion and maybe even a healthy dose of jealousy. I could TOTALLY start every day mock-shopping for masterpieces. It put a lovely, lovely spin on the day!

We missed the shop picnic, but I got some final video editing done for Monday's big event. Left work at a reasonable time (9.5 hour days are easy-peasy!) and am now happily parked on the couch with my boys.

Life, my friends, is so very good. I hope it is for you, too.

My five:
  1. Beautiful art. Nice to dip into another discipline for a few hours.
  2. Agenda-less evenings.
  3. Warm weather.
  4. Pinot grigio.
  5. Stretching. All senses of the word.

And, as a bonus? This video that a friend shared. I kinda LOVE it...especially the clothes and the upbeat nature of the tune. Fun stuff!


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