monday link-o-rama!

Today's the first day of rehearsals for a workshop that we've tagged on to the start of the season. (We're doing another opera with the guys who wrote this for us. If it ain't broke don't fix it, right?) And, since all h-e-double-backwards-hockey-sticks will likely be breaking loose at some point, I have some tasty linkage to tide you over. Check this stuff out:

  • This. Good tune.
  • This place. If it's still up, that Egyptian one is off the hook.
  • This looks like the perfect summer quaff.
  • The Elbow cover? Brilliant. Although I would probably think that of him reading the phone book...
  • After I win the lottery you'll be able to find me here. I hope.
  • I might sub this in for my morning coffee. 
  • Maggie's got the right idea. Let's start this week, shall we?
  • This is very cool.
  • So is this.
  • And this, too.
  • Hey, we're not just easy on the ears, my friends.
  • Way to say something true in a fun way. 
  • She's new to me, but I'm digging her.
Ok, lovelies. Have a great Monday!

My five:
  1. The first-day-of-school feeling of the start of summer.
  2. Sweet, sweet coffee.
  3. Peonies - mine are blooming like GANGBUSTERS! (Despite my black thumb)
  4. Getting into a rhythm.
  5. Oversleeping.


Louisa said…
Can we please drink that sangria on your porch in a few weeks?

Thanks for the Laura Jansen recommendation! She's lovely.
rahree said…
um, your presence is REQUIRED on sangria night! can't wait!

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