My morning started with a meeting with my compadres on the other side of the toll road. While we all work very hard to make the WT experience a special, exciting thing for artists and patrons, we (the private sector) vs. them (the federal government) have very different processes and expectations. That being said, it was interesting and fun to brainstorm about the things that, in a perfect world, we could do to enhance the Park experience.

I'm a big fan of make-believe, any way I can get it. :)

I haven't seen many of those folks since last summer, so it was nice to catch up. But I skated out early to meet our last Admin staffer (CM!) and to try to make a dent in the to-do list that is about to level Tokyo. The stress eating has continued, even though the video project has ended. So, after doing some serious damage to my candy bucket, I skipped out of work and headed to the gym - Tabata class at 5:45.

By 6:02, I seriously thought I was going to hurl. Note to self: eating candy and then working out as hard as you can? Not a great idea.

The class premise is simple (If I've written about here before, I apologize...I'm too sore to scroll back through my archives...): you can do ANYTHING For 20 seconds. So the instructor picks 6-8 "easy" exercises, like push-ups. You do as many as you can for 20 seconds, and then catch your breath for 10 seconds. You do eight sets, trying to go faster, do more reps, make your jumps bigger, your lunges deeper. For the first set I'm always feeling awesome - heck, I'm barely sweating! The second set is pretty easy too. But, by the eighth set, when the instructor is yelling to go faster, bigger? All of a sudden it's like Sisyphus rolling that damn rock up the hill.

It's HARD.

The instructor tried to keep it light: "Remember, there's no fun without F. U.!"

Indeed. *barf*

So I'm spending some quality time on the couch, making sure it doesn't float away. I'm alternating between a new episode of Top Chef Masters and Tony Hsieh (of Zappo's fame)'s new book. Which, btw, is released on June 7, but I have an extra copy - let me know if you're looking for a fast, entertaining read about a charismatic entrepreneur! One of my besties from undergrad has worked for Zappo's for years, and they've done well by's fun to get some info on the guy driving that truck!

And I am most definitely planning an early bedtime. 

My five:
  1. The rumor that M&Ms are going to unveil a pretzel M&M. Lord help me.
  2. Hoochie shoes.
  3. Steamy days.
  4. Top Chef DC!
  5. Quiet time.


Louisa said…
The pretzel M&M is not just a myth—we had some on the drive! Disappointing, I have to say. A little too much like those crispy ones, which I don't like. CM and I agreed that what it really needs is... peanut butter.
rahree said…
that IS disappointing. but if they made them like those delish Trader Joes chocolate-covered peanut butter pretzel thingys...

(although, since TJs are so good, maybe i should buy a bag of them...)

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