starting line

Rehearsals have started. Singers and pianists are in the building, and music is being made.  Three of the four Admin folks have arrived, and are good-naturedly taking things off my to-do list. YAY! Because there are only 2.5 of us in the office in the off-season, there are several items that linger - nay, languish - on our to-do lists because, well, no one really wants to do them and we're just hoping that  one of the other folks will pony up.

(It almost never happens.)

Can I tell you what an amazing luxury it is to have smart, clever colleagues? Wait - I'll rephrase - smart, clever, silly, trustworthy colleagues? Because they make life both easier AND more fun.

(And that second part? My most favorite part of the summer.)

We're still in this crazy exploration phase at work...thinking of ways to complete an incomplete opera...ways to let the public know how cool this show is, what a lovely evening of theater it will be, even though we don't know much about it, other than the story line and music that have existed for hundreds of years. We're also trying to tell folks about the great group of singers that are arriving...and  about the fabulous professional and artistic staffs (staves?) who'll spend time shaping the look and sound of our performances. There's lots of creative thoughts winging around the office...and some of them even have something to do with work!

The only problem? Well, it sure doesn't feel like summer...49 degrees and rainy outside today. And, while I love being able to wear my kick-ass boots, I'd really rather not be wearing wool.

Seriously, I'm excited to get all of our peeps here, to get to know the new folks, to catch up with the known folks. I'm ready.

My five:
  1. Peonies. I'm so grateful for the previous owner of my house, who planted and nutured them, and for the amazing flower-making azaleas are blooming like crazy, too!
  2. Boots and sundresses. My new favorite combination.
  3. Caring colleagues. 
  4. Interesting work.
  5. Pasta with pink pesto. YUM.


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