Yeah, she's pretty cool.

Things I remember:
  • Finding the most beautiful pair of silver high heels in her closet, and trying to walk downstairs in them.
  • The way she could turn the piano into a fort with just a blanket.
  • Harmonizing with her in church everytime they played "Amazing Grace." Sometimes we added a Southern drawl, just for fun.
  • The jell-o cake with the flowery sprinkles that she made for my birthday.
  • I couldn't swear or watch adult TV, but she let me read anything I wanted to. And, because of that, I read everything I could.
  • (She also paid my library fines.)
  • My Christmas and birthday cheesecakes. Hers are still the best.
  • That maroon suit - cropped double-breasted jacket and hammer pants with crossover pockets that I HAD to have, and that she bought knowing I'd wear twice.
  • Correcting the multiple-choice sections of her tests.
  • How having a fancy milk glass made boring chicken leftovers special,  somehow.
  • Having her help with my awesome Halloween costumes, even when the last one was ridiculing one of her colleagues (I went as the school guidance counselor...they only way you'd really know is that I DOUSED myself in Red Door before leaving...just as the adult did. Cheeky kid.)
  • Going to Florida and breaking her heart, both unintentionally.
  • Even when I was baiting her, she never, EVER called me heavy or told me to diet. 
  • Listening to Tex Ritter in her classroom...on the wrong RPM...and dying of embarrassment.
  • Decorating a lampshade with three faces, all created from various tubes and sticks from her makeup drawer, and being celebrated for my creativity. (!)
My mom's given me many, many things over the years: self-confidence, a yen to be creative, a voracious appetite for books, and propensity to choose chocolate or wine over cleaning the house are just a few. She also has showed me what grace looks like, how to be angry while still loving, and how to comport myself in hard situations. And memories...she's given a plethora of good ones, for sure.

Mom, if you're reading this? Let's keep making those good memories. I love you.

My five:
  1. Fancy glassware. These are the latest ones mom's sent down. They're lovely, aren't they?
  2. These books. They're practically required reading in our house.
  3. And this one. I was lucky to be in her class when she taught it.
  4. Oh, Tex. Where have you been?
  5. Mom.


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