7:30am Wake up as hubby is leaving for work.
7:32am Mainline caffeine. On the second cup, remember my name. It's gonna be a good day!
8:15am Walk the dog. Meet his doggy girlfriends (there are multiples. he's a playa.) for some playtime, and touch base with RS about tonight's show - I'm so excited that my neighbor's coming!
9:15am Shower. Make myself marginally presentable, and pack the gym bag in case I can slip away.
10:02am Arrive at work.
10:15am Triage email.
10:18am Big boss IMs "did you do that thing you said you'd do?"
10:19am Curse internally. Respond "Nope, but am doing it now." Scramble to find "that thing."
10:30 am Respond to "that thing," an internal inquiry about an advertising piece. Try to send a substitute photo.
10:32 am Mailbox is at capacity. No sending or receiving until you clean your messy e-room, teenage Rahree.
10:40am Clean mailbox
10:45am Welcome the Italian coach, here for her first day of work, in the least gracious, most distracted way possible. Marvel at the grace at which she handles your perfunctory greetings. 
10:55am Still mailbox cleaning. Wow, Rahree, you really are a packrat.
11:00am. Golden. Email is my b!tch. Send file.
11:10am Realize it's not gone through. Resend. Delete sent items immediately.
11:20am. Despair.
11:22am. File has been sent! On to next task. Budget.
11:30am Write check requests for travel, hotel rooms, internet fees, visiting artists. Input the data into the expense spreadsheet. Resolve to balance said spreadsheet over the weekend. Bribe self with the promise of new shoes for a job well done. (Acknowledge that the shoes will most likely be purchased, regardless of the status of the budget. Come to terms with the knowledge.)
12:10 Send a firm email to the executive apartment complex regarding some concrete work they're having done, which needs to not impact our artists. Any of them. Fume in silence.
12:14pm Turn up iTunes. Fume loudly. Eat a Hershey's Kiss for impact. (No real impact was registered, for the record.)
12:30pm Realize my morning email freak out was a little excessive. Bless my colleagues for dealing kindly with a drama queen.
12:45pm Correspond with a children's choir about our August show. Correspond with another children's choir about a September show.
1:00pm Head home for a landscape design presentation. (If this design comes to fruition? I will never, EVER move from this house.)
1:40pm Play catch in the yard with the dog.
2:00pm Gym. Fast, grrrrrrr workout. Enough to burn off the adrenalin without totally kicking my ass. Yay Trainer Lisa for creating this kick@ss routine!
3:30pm Home. Change into grownup clothes for the evening's performance.
4:00pm Back to work. More email.
4:30pm Side-by-side a contract from last year with this year's versions. Find typos in both versions! LAME.
5:00pm Text from Boss Lady: head upstairs to move chairs and tables with several of my colleagues and two stalwart Studio singers. Wish I had saved the stilettos for later.
5:02pm. Start sweating. Should've postponed the gym.
5:20pm Tape down the neon-green extension cord...yes, that very cord that mangles my back during the audition tour. (Anyone hoping for CM's job this fall? Should say that they ALWAYS travel with a loooong neon-green extension cord. I will hire you on the SPOT. )
5:30pm Room is ready for the lecture! Grab the edirol from an overscheduled colleague and bump down last night's audio archive.
6:00pm Find some stale coffee. Pour it over ice, add some sugar and pound it like it's pure gold.
6:50pm. Grab the recorder, the ticket spreadsheet, the allen key, my purse and phone, and head upstairs.
7:00pm Pre-Show Lecture. Interesting info, well delivered by KPW. (if you didn't know, she's kind of a rock star.) Lovely singing by the studio. Marred only by a bullheaded orchestra member trying to bust into the room to cut through the lecture to the bathroom.
7:30pm Head to the Box Office. No ticket issues - a first! And a testament to RP's great organization and customer service skillz. The boy is good.
7:45pm Walk laps (In my super cute, if impractical, shoes.) around the Barns, the grounds, the general area. See my lovely neighbor RS, who has come to see the show. Usually I see her when I'm walking the dog in the morning...both of us sans makeup and grown-up clothes. I have to say, we clean up WELL!!!
8:00pm Downbeat!
8:05pm Downbeat??
8:10pm Tuning. THEN downbeat. *Whew!*
8:27pm Head to the Barns basement for stolen slabs of BG's birthday cake. Chocolate mousse cake courtesy of JB- just as good as I'd imagined it would be.
8:50pm Follow the Slaves into the lobby.
9:06pm VOTING! Watching the audience cast their votes was one of the coolest parts of the process. At the end of intermission, one gentleman cast his vote, and asked how it was skewing. I acknowledged that it was toward the ending he had chosen...the complicated one with the incestual overtones. He looked surprised. I responded "You all are a bunch of sickos." Hoping I still have a job tomorrow...
10:15pm End of Show. Ovation. KPW and EM and I standing in the back of the house, hooting for the singers. We have no shame.
10:18-10:42pm No Man's Land. Waiting for artists, for cabs...putting hard-earned paychecks in hands...collecting electronics and advice from statitician patrons...wondering when I'll be able to teeter out of these heels.
10:47pm cast party at CG's restaurant. (There may or may not have been a pre-party spectacle in the parking lot.) Thanks as usual to RT for taking such good care of everyone, yours truly included.
10:50pm Watching everyone chatting, laughing, relaxing, debriefing? PRICELESS. What a great evening!

11:30pm Rahree pulls into her driveway.
11:50pm Shoes discarded, tv silenced, glass of wine poured, Rahree settles into the couch. Dog curled up one cushion away, kitty keeping my ankles warm.
12:01am. "Hey...wonder what it would look like it I wrote down everything I could remember about today?"

It was a long day that flew by...and those, my friends, are the best days....because they're the ones that you can look back on, take stock of all those nanoseconds, and relive and enjoy. Our people put on a damn fine show tonight. And, in absence of reviews, of exhaustive commentary and dissection and such, tonight we all had the ability to perform without censor, and to simply enjoy the fruits of these past weeks of labor.

In short? A perfect day.

My five:
  1. Dramatic committment. We gots it in spades.
  2. Gracious colleagues and performers...I don't envy them the public persona, but I am awed by the grace with which they manage all of the varied expectations.
  3. Enthusiasm. This Studio group is pretty darn super!
  4. Shoes. Ladies, you know who you are. I covet!
  5. An unmitigated success. Bravo, tutti! Can't wait until Sunday!
And, as a parting gift, I leave you with this:


dkz said…
Ryan Taylor said…
My fave part of the video is Daniel, um, Tina's "doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo" as the sax player flies overhead in a dream and s/he drops out of site (right about 3:02) Let's not forget this song was a #2 hit on the charts in 1985. Wow.
rahree said…
it's a classic! and sadly, i still know WAY more of the words than I should...

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