delivering happiness - the book!

One of my college besties is a girl who has both a strong artistic temperament and a strong ethical code. She's a rock, a loyal of those folks that I could call in the middle of the night from anywhere and ask for help, and she'd be there for me in every way imaginable.

After college and grad school, she moved west to Las Vegas...and it wasn't long after that she started working a day job. The crazy thing is, she never really called it a day job, even though she was still gigging evenings and weekends. And she started talking about the cool people, the great culture, and sending me pictures of the office Oktoberfest party (complete with liederhosen! awesome!) and other fun things. It sounded like a great place to least, for a non-music job. :)

Well, the boss of her company has written a book. It's being published today, and I had a chance to read it before it was released. (It's my first-ever book review! Whee!)  My husband calls this kind of book a "Rah-Rah" book - a way to get employees and managers excited about new strategies and such. I think that, in this case, that's fitting. It's written in a very conversational style, and is a fast, entertaining read. I think we've all heard stories of childhood entrepreneurs made good, but this one is a little different, and more interesting, because for him it's all about the people, rather than the cash. (Well, okay, it's a little bit about the cash.) But his primary goals seem by and large to be about finding a niche, making connections, and making people happy. (Being in a bit of a niche market myself, I totally identify with that!) And, in fact, that's why his company's doing so well: they not only take a huge amount of pride in customer service and making the customers happy, but as my friend has said, the employees have fun. They feel valued. They enjoy what they do, and who they do it with. And honestly, if you're going to spend hours and hours at a job, shouldn't you have fun while you're there???

(I know I do.)

Speaking of my super-cool job, we're in the thick of tech week for our first opera of the season, Mozart's Zaide. We did a little video shoot for part of the production on Saturday, and saw some of the elements all together...set, costumes, makeup, lighting, projections.


Mozart meets Tron. I love it! It opens Friday - come on out and see for yourself.

Also - sending out good wishes to JB, who is taking the LSAT today. In the nick of time too...because she's my first phone call when I get sent to the pokey for disorderly behavior. Or jewelry theft...haven't decided which yet. Kick ass, JB!!

My five:
  1. Sleeping in.
  2. My supportive hubby.
  3. Porch time.
  4. Chips and cold pico de gallo for breakfast.
  5. The Sunday crossword.

(btw, if you're interested in checking the book out, shoot me an email and I'll send you a copy)


renee said…
I'd love to read a copy of the book! I'll try to remember to message you on FB when I get home.

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