Because I barely have two brain cells to rub together to make a thought, but still I feel compelled to write something, I give you the latest, and perhaps lamest, installment of BULLET POINTS!

  • Low humidity and cool temperatures got me inspired to jog this morning. 4.25 hard-fought, but lovely, miles.
  • As a result? Late to work. Time management FAIL.
  • But waiting for me at work? McDonald's breakfast. (Because the eating part is the WHOLE REASON for the exercising part.)Thanks, KPW!
  • Today KPW and I wrestled the 2011 Budget to the GROUND. No. Mercy. I think it's still whimpering...
  • We had some company today at the office - two tiny baby fawns tottering around behind the building! I'm pretty sure it's all because I had my window open, and they enjoyed my rockin' tunes. Baby deer LOVE Yeasayer and Kings of Convenience.
  • Also today, the baby birds in my porch nest flew the coop. Booooooooo. They were big enough for sure, but I'm sad to see them go. 
  • Did I mention that the budget is done? At least the first stab at it? AWESOME.
  • I have the fastest hair dresser in the WORLD. She's fab, and I don't have to spend all day in the chair. WIN. She's like a gunslinger from the wild west, except with a 2-million volt hair dryer instead of a gun.
And more bullet points, from teh interwebs.
  • I love this oatmeal.
  • I love taters, too.
  • Not sure why I love this, but I do.
  • Having just celebrated a non-eventful birthday, this made sense to me.
  • As did this
(Boy, I'm on a bit of a thoughtful bent! Must remedy that...)
  • On second thought, I'm a little hungry...
  • And I just finished this book. And am HOOKED! Trying to find out when I'll even have time to get the other two, let alone read 'em.
  • These. I've walked past them twice...the third time may be the charm... Hoochtastic! (I'm SO starting a "Little Imelda" fanclub for shoe whores...er, lovers. Who's with me?)
Ok, enough. My five:
  1. Perfect summer days.
  2. Being able to laugh with colleagues.
  3. McDonald's breakfast. SO GOOD.
  4. Ice cream.
  5. Paper chains.
 And, in honor of my little house finches who flew the coop? A little song.


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