having a ball...

...quite literally. The boss lady has an exercise ball in her office, waiting for a ride home after some coaching sessions with the fabulous Deb Birnbaum. We were trying to decide how big the ball was,  and I wrapped my arms around it...because if I'm 5'5", then my arms should reach around a 65" circumference, right?

Either it's not a 65" ball, or my arms are stumpy.

It's been a transitory week, starting with performances of the first opera and quickly segueing into rehearsals for the second. All while advancing the third. Are we singing in German or Italian? Where and when does the children's choir rehearse? Who has show duty? Where's the allen key for the orchestra door?

Who's on first??

Seriously, though, things are moving miles in mere minutes. And this weekend we close the first opera...we've had 3 performances, and the audiences have opted for three different endings. (I can't wait to see which ending they'll pick for the last show!) So you'll have to forgive me for this poor excuse for a post, but I'm done with the computer for today.

My five:
  1. Books. I've decided to give this one another go. Lord help me.
  2. A good cry. Sometimes nothing makes you feel as emotionally clean as a night with a sad movie and a box of kleenex.
  3. Carbs. I may have had a croissant AND a sesame bagel for breakfast today. But I'll never admit to it.
  4. Purple toenail polish. (Right, JB?)
  5. Feeling needed.

(photos by the lovely KPW. It's an unintentional series of exercise ball photos...the second is from an audition room in LA.)

(I'm sensing a weird theme...)


chinger006 said…
I vote stumpy arms. ;-)
rahree said…
rich, that's just mean. or true. i haven't decided which... :)

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