I don't mean to gloat but...

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...here I am, shamefully doing just that. Had you spent hours trying to craft a budget that allowed for everything you wanted to do while trying to stay within a lean framework like KPW and I did today, you might give me a bye for today, and let me talk about the joys of porch time.

(Thank you.)

In the bad news column?
  • Hubby leaving town for a short trip.
  • Totally leaving KPW high and dry at a meeting for which we'd had at least TWO planning sessions. SORRY!
  • Not making it home at lunch to let the dog out. With dire consequences. Pet care FAIL.
  • Budget HELL. Part one of seven. *sigh.*

In the good news column?
  • Making it to the gym this morning.
  • Finding a book that I thought I'd lost. (Girl with the Dragon Tattoo? Meet Girl with the No Tattoos.)
  • Breezes.
  • Hoochie neighbor shoes. (the neighbor's not hoochie...the shoes are a little bit. And I am by association, I fear.)
  • Porch time.
  • That satisfied feeling when you make progress on something that's less-than-fun-but-necessary.

More on work soon: we're gearing up for show #2: The Turk in Italy. It'll be FABULOUS! But you'll most likely need to take my word for it, since it's just about sold out! (I hear the ball costumes are GORGEOUS.)

My five:
1. Birdsong. And humansong. Both awesome.
2. Zucchini. Love that stuff. Not as flashy as bacon, certainly, but tasty.
3. My neighbors. Can I say again how much I hoped to find a community like this? (And wondered if I ever would?)
4. Great colleagues. I say it ad nauseam, but one of the BIG reasons my job is SUPAH cool? My admin peeps. (Who are probably cringing at my use of the word 'peeps.' DEAL WITH MY OLD LADY SLANG! )
5. Sunsets.

I hope my Bossy Beat Club buddies will forgive me, but I posted a mix of tunes that I'm listening to right now. (Yes. Actually RIGHT THIS MINUTE.) It's here, and you should feel free to download it and pretend you're in my head.

(Wow. That's some scary shit.)

It'll be up until Sunday, so get it while the gettin's good!


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