late June

Check this out - baby birds! (Not to be confused for another baby bird whose arrival is imminent.) There are three of them in my hanging basket of impatients, and they're finally getting enough feathers and fuzz for me to not feel guilty about photographing them naked. :) While there's a lot more bird poop on the porch than normal, listening to the birdsong and watching this teeny trio grow is totally worth it!

When we were scheduling work this week, I told my colleagues that I'd be cutting out early on Tuesday. Why? Because our cool neighbors had tickets to the baseball game...we were on a schedule! Leave the neighborhood, drive to Alexandria, take the water taxi to the Stadium, etc. And KPW said "Well, look at you having an actual summer experience!" (It's true - we collectively don't get out much during the summer!) We did in fact take the taxi over, which was LOVELY, and got caught in the middle of a HUGE rainstorm mid-game! (Thank goodness for covered seats!) The rain delay made our evening longer than any of us had anticipated (morning showed up pretty darn early!), but it was lovely to take some time out of all of our busy schedules to have a little fun. Oh, and we won, and there were two - count 'em  - TWO home runs!

Hoping today to get the AC fixed...oh, and gotta make some opera today, too. Almost forgot! (No, not really.)

My five:

  1. Cool showers.
  2. Being on the water...river, lake, ocean...all good to me.
  3. Screaming with thousands of other folks.
  4. COFFEE.
  5. Stolen time with good friends.


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