Monday morning rolled around early this morning.

Super early.

But, lucky for all of us, it brought all kinds of good stuff. New singers! Dance class! The first day of rehearsal for the next project, this little gem! The annual Foundation Picnic! (which, for the first time in several years, I actually attended! And enjoyed!) Several varying viewpoints on the summer's first opera, (I'd encourage you to see it for yourself, and draw your own conclusions!) with a prominent photo credit for a friend!

See? A day TOTALLY worthy of multiple-exclamation-points!


But, now? After being over-excited and exclamation-pointy all day?

I'm whupped. I'll only be speaking monosyllables tomorrow, to preserve my energy for the next !!!day. (I have a feeling we're going to get more than one this summer.)

Some cool things:
  • This. I'd like to think that I'd write something more poetic than reminders...
  • I.Want.To.Try.Them.Aaaaallllllllll.
  • Ok, this might actually be a weight loss method that I'm unwilling to try.
  • I love this. Sir is seriously awesome.
  • This too. And this. I've never been a dainty jewelry girl...
  • Bradley Whitford. The Good Guys is no West Wing, but it'll do in a pinch.
  • This book. Fast, easy, and a lovely read for those of us who might be embarrassed at how much we loved (love.) HP.
  • Oh, Alanis...had you but known...

My five:
  1. Idle evenings with my boys.
  2. Brownies and lemon bars. Thank goodness the picnic only happens once a summer!
  3. Sudden thunderstorms.
  4. Strong opinions.
  5. Crazy, schizoid workdays.


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