Oh, my dear, sweet, water heater....we hardly knew ye.

We had a totally normal holiday weekend. Which means that I had to work, a major appliance gave up the ghost and the dog got sick.

Totally standard.

The dog is on the mend. Work was really NBD. But the water heater? He's kinda a big deal.

Today the super nice plumber, who works for my super nice neighbor, came over to replace the dead soldier. I headed home from work at 12:30pm, and by 1:30pm the shiny new water heater was in the basement. Back to the office, right?


Two and a half hours later the plumber was still noodling in my basement.
Granted, he was repiping the gas line, cleaning the drain (!) in the shop sink, and generally doing a kick-ass, thorough job.

But three and a half hours later? I was ready to go back to work!

(Or to start pouring margaritas...)

The upshot is that I do NOT have to go to the gym and make an appearance in a class or on the workout floor in order to take a shower without feeling like a total poser. No, I can shower - with hot water! - in my very own house! I can wash dishes without boiling water! I can wash whites!

It's a whole new, overly-domesticated world, my friends.  Too bad I won't be home long enough to enjoy it. Tech for this (totally awesome, kick-ass, wait-did-that-just-happen) show begins this week. (You should see it, at the VERY least, for the shoes.)

(The tunes are pretty awesome, too...)

In other news, Pittsburgh boy LB made his WNO debut in a role tailor-made for him. Awesome. Sauce. If you're in town, OR if you're any kind of self-respecting Steeler fan with a taste for classical music and Shakespeare (It's not impossible! Really! It's NOT.), you should see it. It's that good.

And I have to share these things with you:
  • Let's face it: So was - IS - a total masterpiece. And Elbow doing a cover of one of the best tracks? Could totally suck. But it doesn't. 'Tis awesome.
  • I wear a spoon ring engraved with my mom's initials around my index finger when I need a little extra oomph to get me through the day. (Because my mom? Definitely has some oomph. And no, you can't have her number.) These make me want to branch out a little...pretty armor!
  • Oh, Mitch. Me too.
  • All of those crossword puzzles and sudokus? Just a warm-up for these bad boys. I'm going major league.
  • I can't really articulate why, but this is directly related to why-I-love-my-job.
Did I mention that I don't have to go to the gym tomorrow?!? I'm pretty psyched about that. But I'm also psyched to wear a shitload of pink on Saturday to run this race in honor of my friend Dallis, who is full-heartedly fighting. I might be the slowest runner, but I don't so much care. (I don't usually ask for things like this, but if you have a few pennies to spare, please consider tossing them this way...it's important.) And, if you do I'll send you a copy of my cheesy running mix and a photo of me in all my sweaty glory!

(Double your donation and I WON'T send you either of those things.)

(You're welcome.)

My five:

  1. Hot water. Obvs. 
  2. Early bedtime.
  3. Good neighbors.
  4. Purple nail polish.
  5. Good cover tunes.


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