(Get it? I get funnier the later it gets.)

(No, really. I do.)

(..right? C'mon guys....)

Another great show tonight, full of beauty and difficulty and gray areas. I think my favorite parts of this show are related to the ambiguity...the fact that, in two of the possible three endings,  the right answer never quite shows up. The characters are forced to make do with the hand they're dealt. I DO love the Enlightenment, let's-tie-up-the-loose-ends-and-be-happy ending...let's face it, who doesn't want a happy ending, in their heart of hearts? But I'm digging the other two, as much as I'm rooting for happyhappyjoyjoy.

The boss lady wrote about the strong audience reactions to the show. Strong reactions are great in my book, even if a patron thinks the production is S-I-C-K sick.

But I can't abide nastiness...there was a patron who dropped a hateful note into a voting box the other day...and it made me unreasonably angry. If you don't like a production, fine. Understandable. Even desired, to have a strong, visceral reaction. But this person crossed a line, in my book.

Granted, maybe my colleague Renaissance Man is right, and after another 10 years I'll be inured to crazy patrons. But wow, I'm still smarting from that person's venomous remark. Were I in charge? No more tickets for said patron.

(No opera for you. One year.)

It's not my call, however, so my challenge is knowing who this person is and still being civil when they arrive to see the other shows.

(If you know me? 'Twill be a challenge indeed.)

But I need to stop fewer than 9 hours, I'll be dry-mopping a rehearsal room and taking a beginner ballet/modern class with a woman who has not only danced with one of my childhood crushes, but who also turned me on to chilled rosé. (And that? Worthy of blatant adoration, my friends.)

That floor bettah shine like the top of the Chrysler Building!

And it will.

My five:
  1. Strong opinions.
  2. Good colleagues...I can't say it often enough.
  3. Pop Tarts. Strawberry frosted. The dinner of CHAMPIONS.
  4. Being able to run 3+ miles in humidity, while only wanting to die a little bit.
  5. Laughter.
And, as a gimme, a favorite songwriter has a new gig. I like Starlight quite a bit...


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